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Download Website Updated 12 Nov 2007 XDaliClock

Pop 85.60
Vit 5.14

Dali Clock is a digital clock for Mac OS X, the X Window System, and PalmOS devices. When a digit changes, it "melts" into its new shape with color-cycling.

No download Website Updated 26 Sep 2006 Studycard Studio Lite

Pop 48.00
Vit 3.82

Studycard Studio Lite is a program to create and memorize multimedia flashcards, tests, and tutorials, including picture and sound identification. It is meant for educators, students, or anyone who has something to memorize. Students can create and study their own flashcards and track their progress. Educators can create quizzes or flashcards for their students.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2005 mapview for PalmOS

Pop 41.42
Vit 2.47

mapview is an application for viewing maps on Palm OS handhelds. You can scroll through a map and switch between different layers. Layers may be used for different zoom levels. mapview includes a Perl program for building maps from image files on a Unix/Linux desktop. Instructions and a Makefile for building a demo map are included.

No download Website Updated 04 Dec 2001 PG Diagram

Pop 40.10
Vit 3.22

PG Diagram is a little tool for drawing on the Palm. P(alm|ilot) GPL Diagram was renamed from GNU Diagram due to comments in freshmeat.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2008 J2ME ChartComponent

Pop 26.46
Vit 1.99

J2ME ChartComponent is an MIDP 2.0 charting component with basic functionality for showing charts on embedded devices. It currently implements horizontal bar, vertical bar, and line charts. An incomplete and experimental pie chart component is implemented, as well as a very simple 'legenda'.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2003 zire-photo

Pop 24.41
Vit 2.01

zire-photo is a simple gpilotd plugin conduit for synchronizing images captured by the builtin camera on Palm's new Zire 71. Images and thumbnails are placed in a user-specified directory.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2004 barchart4palm

Pop 19.08
Vit 1.00

barchart4palm is a simple component for displaying bar charts on PalmOS-powered devices.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2004 Tessellation

Pop 18.25
Vit 2.81

Tessellation lets you create nice colorful tilings like Escher with 8 basic figures.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 mySkin

Pop 15.81
Vit 1.43

mySkin (formerly SkinDIA!) is an instant DIA skin loader and manager for the Palm Tungsten T3, T5, LifeDrive, and TX. Among many other features, it lets you load T3 skins on the T5, LifeDrive, and TX, insert photos into skins (not on the T3), mix and colorize elements of skins, etc.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2001 PBM2Palm

Pop 14.32
Vit 1.49

PBM2Palm is a utility for converting black and white PBM files into Java classes. These can be used to display the image on a Palm, using the KVM.


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SMS Manager

An SMS application for Android.


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Docx to Text Converter (docx2txt)

Perl based utility to extract formatted text content from MS Docx file