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Download Website Updated 03 Apr 2014 Ghostscript

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Ghostscript is a processor for PostScript and PDF files. It can rasterize these files to a wide variety of printers, devices for screen preview, and image file formats. Since applications tend to prepare pages for printing in a high-level format such as PostScript, most Unix users with low-level bitmap printers, such as inkjets, use GhostScript as part of the printing process. In addition, Ghostscript is capable of converting PostScript files, functionality comparable to Adobe Acrobat Distiller, but on the command line. In addition, Ghostscript is used for file import and viewing by a great many other applications, including xv, ImageMagick, gimp, and xdvi. Several GUI wrappers for viewing PostScript and PDF files exist, including GSview, ghostview, gv, ggv, and kghostview. This is far from a comprehensive list.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2006 Gifsicle

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Gifsicle is a powerful command-line program for manipulating GIF image files. It has good support for transparency and colormap manipulation, simple image transformations (cropping, flipping), and creating, deconstructing, and editing GIF animations. It can also optimize GIF animations for space. Also included is a GIF animation viewer and a program that checks whether two GIFs look the same.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2014 GraphicsMagick

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GraphicsMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 90 major formats including popular formats like DPX, DICOM, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PNG, PNM, SVG, and TIFF. A high-quality 2D renderer is included, which provides a subset of SVG capabilities. C, C++, Perl, Tcl, and Ruby are supported. Originally based on ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick focuses on performance, minimizing bugs, and providing stable APIs and ABIs. It runs on all modern variants of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2007 HPGL-DXF

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HPGL-DXF is a program to convert HPGL files into DXF format, which can be read by the likes of QCAD.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2007 HPGL-Distiller

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HPGL-Distiller filters out aspects of an HPGL file which are not relevant for various HPGL output devices, typically vinyl cutters. Irrelevant codes are filtered out to prevent many vinyl cutters from responding poorly to the excess data. With the use of HPGL-Distiller, you can use Inkscape, QCAD, GIMP, and many others to produce appropriate vinyl cutting output results.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2010 HPGS - HPGl Script

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HPGS is an HPGL/2 interpreter, which renders HPGL/2 and processes vector data through a Postscript-like API. It can render to EPS and PNG files. For rendering the scenery to pixel formats, it includes a rendering engine which draws vector graphics into pixel buffers. It also interprets inline PCL images.

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2012 ICCLIB

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ICCLIB implements support for reading and writing of color profile files that conform to the International Color Consortium (ICC) Profile Format Specification, Version 3.4. The ICC Profile Format is a cross-platform device profile format that can be used to translate color data created on one device into another device's native color space. See the profile specification at color.org. In summary ICCLIB provides support for all version 3.4 header elements, Tags, and Tag Types, conversion to/from machine native representation of all data types, user-defined Tags, adding/deleting Tags, Tag type sharing within a file (often used for sharing LUTs amongst intents), reading/writing embedded profiles, a single function for transforming color values through a profile (including support for intents, forward and reverse transforms, gamut lookup or preview lookup), support and code examples for creating all profile types, monochrome, matrix, and Lut, and it loads Tag Types on demand to conserve memory space.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2004 Ilib

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Ilib is an image manipulation library for developers. It's capable of reading and writing images (PPM/PGM, PNG, JPEG, GIF, XPM, BMP) and many drawing functions including drawing lines and text using any BDF (X11) font. It's great for generating GIFs/PNGs from a CGI or generating graphs. Ilib includes sample applications for generating graphs for HTTP access.log files and QuakeWorld server frag log files and a tool for creating image indices from a group of images.

No download Website Updated 08 Apr 2002 Image Alchemy

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Image Alchemy has the ability to convert between over 90 different raster image formats (including all colorspace and compression variations of each format). Color management features include gamma correction, undercolour removal, seven high quality dithers, colorspace conversion, and palette manipulation. It also includes a Postscript interpreter.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2006 Image Resize Wizard

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Image Resize Wizard is a Web-based program that takes an image and a size and creates a new, re-sized image for you to download.


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A tool that displays information about BOINC projects.


Project Spotlight

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A Web service to edit an XML configuration file.