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Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2014 libXbgi

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Vit 3.60

libXbgi is a compatibility library that aids in porting old programs written for Turbo/Borland C to X11, on Linux and other Unix-like systems. It also provides extensions for RGB colors and mouse support.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2014 NxWidgets

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Vit 10.24

NXWidgets is a graphical user interface package for the NuttX RTOS. It integrates seamlessly with the NuttX NX graphics subsystem in order to provide graphic objects, or "widgets". It is written entirely in C++ using only selected "embedded friendly" C++ constructs which are fully supported under NuttX. No additional C++ support libraries are required. It is tailored for use with MCUs in embedded applications. It is ideally suited for the mid-to-upper range of most MCU families. It will work on high-end frame buffer devices as well as on LCDs connected via serial or parallel ports to a small MCU. It will accept position and selection inputs from a mouse or a touchscreen. It will also support character input from a keyboard such as a USB keyboard. It supports a special widget called CKeypad which provides keyboard input via an on-screen keypad which can be operated via a mouse or touchscreen inputs. Some of the graphic objects supported by NXWidgets include labels, buttons, text boxes, button arrays, check boxes, cycle buttons, images, sliders, scrollable list boxes, and progress bars.

Download No website Updated 14 Feb 2014 Jaguar.

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Vit 1.07

Jaguar is a PHP graphics library for fast image manipulation and drawing using the Gd Library.

Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2014 watgfx

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Vit 10.14

watgfx is a source-compatible, partial implementation of the WATCOM's C Graphics library that draws on a OpenGL surface using FreeGLUT (a GLUT clone).

Download No website Updated 21 May 2013 Redstart Graphic

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Vit 18.32

Redstart Graphic is an advanced graphics package inspired by the Java world. It is built using the Gd Extension, which is supported by all servers by default. It provides an extensible and clean OOP interface to deal with all kinds of graphics and advanced and basic filters and actions (crop,rotate, etc.)


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An HTTP Web server and framework.


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PHP Mini SQL Admin

A standalone script for accessing MySQL databases.