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Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2009 GNU fdisk

Pop 51.27
Vit 2.50

GNU fdisk provides libparted-based alternatives to classic partitioning tools like util-linux fdisk and cfdisk.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2004 cvsfs4hurd

Pop 13.19
Vit 1.00

cvsfs4hurd is a translator for the GNU Hurd which allows a user to "mount" a CVS module into the local filesystem. It allows the user to view version controlled files as if they were regular files on disk. Either the CVS pserver or the :ext:-way method is used to connect.

Download No website Updated 18 Sep 2006 sfind

Pop 81.70
Vit 2.53

sfind is a highly portable and fully POSIX.1-2001 compliant implementation of the "find" utility. It implements features like "-ls" and "-exec program [argument ...] {} +" (the latter is the POSIX built in "xargs"). It has no limitations on path length. Directory loops caused by hard-linked directories are handled gracefully.


Project Spotlight


A search engine with a RESTFul API and crawlers.


Project Spotlight

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition

Software that rips DVD to MOV, MP4, M4V, and iTunes.