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No download Website Updated 11 Nov 2001 Reliquary

Pop 7.87
Vit 67.84

Reliquary is a cross-platform framework, ideal for implementing network-enabled servers in C++. Mature and full-featured API provides a broad range of multitasking options, ranging from single process, to complex multiprocess/multi-threaded applications. It includes support for processes, threads and thread pools, Interprocess Communication (IPC) Network Communication File I/O, and much more.

Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2001 Zzip-zzlib

Pop 25.81
Vit 67.76

Zzip-zzlib is a compression utility and library for Unix and Windows. It uses several steps, including Burrows-Wheeler Transformation, and often gets better compression than bzip2.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2013 GTK+

Pop 1,316.49
Vit 67.70

GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.

No download Website Updated 03 Dec 2001 Java Preferences Library

Pop 11.05
Vit 67.67

Java Preferences Library is a Java library for user preferences. It extends the (jdk1.4) java.util.prefs package to add stored defaults, Javabean persistence, and a uniform implementation (XML files) across platforms. Convenience routines for quickly building preference dialog boxes and other UI components are included.

No download Website Updated 07 Dec 2001 Open Source Software for QNX

Pop 26.89
Vit 67.64

The Open Source Software for QNX project provides ported Open Source tools/applications, including their complete sources and/or ready-to-use binaries, for QNX. The available software includes XFree86, Lesstif, DDD, VNC, Nedit, and PVM.

No download Website Updated 16 Dec 2001 Audiere Audio System

Pop 21.26
Vit 67.58

The Audiere Audio System is a portable audio library which supports playing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, IT, XM, S3M, and MOD files. You can use it from C, C++, Python, Java, and any language that supports XPCOM (JavaScript in Mozilla, for example). It currently supports DirectSound 3, DirectSound 8, and arbitrary DLLs for output in Windows, and OSS in Linux.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2001 Cylindrix

Pop 26.55
Vit 67.56

Cylindrix is a polygonal 3D action strategy shooter. It released for DOS in 1995, and is now ported to Windows and Linux.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2002 JMS Distributed Object Framework

Pop 14.83
Vit 67.37

The JMS Distributed Object Framework (DOF) is an experiment in scalable and reliable distributed objects using JMS. It includes a message-driven bean for scalable request/reply access to stateless session EJBs, and also adds an additional protocol supporting request/reply to stateless session EJBs using HTTP.

Download Website Updated 14 Jan 2002 DBManager

Pop 12.08
Vit 67.36

DBManager aims to be an Abstraction Layer for JDBC databases. It hides all database interaction in the Superclass (DBManager), and the Superclass uses the Java reflection framework to gather information on tables and columns.

No download Website Updated 22 Jan 2002 CHARVA

Pop 23.24
Vit 67.31

CHARVA is a Java library that allows an application to display a GUI on a traditional text terminal (e.g., VT100). It uses GNU ncurses to handle the I/O to the terminal, and communicates with ncurses using a Java Native Interface (JNI) library. It works with any terminal which is supported by ncurses. CHARVA emulates the API of the Java AWT and Swing packages, so that a programmer who is familiar with Swing will find CHARVA easy to use.


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A Linux namespaces sandbox program.


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Easy one-step submission of projects to the Coverity demo server.