2915 projects tagged "GPLv3"

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2012 recordmph

Pop 13.27
Vit 1.00

Recordmph records the music play history for the Mylene audio player.

No download Website Updated 03 Dec 2010 remOcular

Pop 46.86
Vit 1.00

RemOcular lets you run Unix command line tools like top, traceroute, vmstat, and df in an interactive Web UI. RemOcular is easily enhanced to support additional commandline tools.

Download No website Updated 12 Dec 2012 retrobi

Pop 17.20
Vit 23.53

retrobi creates Web publications of library bibliographies. The biggest collection using it has more than two million items. A Windows application can be used for collecting, describing, and uploading scanned items.

No download Website Updated 03 Apr 2009 rjmailer

Pop 16.06
Vit 43.62

rjmailer is a replacement for the SMTP part of Sun's javamail library. It sends email messages via SMTP and has the ability to connect directly to the receiving mail servers instead of using a relay server, which in many cases can result in more detailed information about the delivery status.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2008 rmachine

Pop 11.75
Vit 1.00

rmachine is a simulator for register machines (in the context of complexity theory), complete with a GUI and a Python module to be used in your programs. The machine ("RAM") is equal to Turing machines in its computional power. It has theoretically unlimited memory (but is limited in practice by your computer's memory).

No download No website Updated 23 Mar 2011 rmlint

Pop 13.75
Vit 34.40

rmlint is a command line tool to clean your filesystem from various sorts of lint, such as duplicates. It tends to be much faster than fdupes. Additionally, it is able to find empty files and directories, nonstripped binaries, files with the same basenames (nameclusters), old temporary data, strange filenames, and bad links.

Download No website Updated 26 Mar 2012 rmtoo

Pop 115.41
Vit 6.55

rmtoo is a requirement management tool. It is intended for programmers, as it has no GUI. Requirements are stored in plain text files. The tools allow such things as checking dependencies, creating LaTeX output, and a prioritization list for backlog and requirement elaboration.

Download No website Updated 24 Mar 2014 rodent-pkg

Pop 48.10
Vit 1.08

Rodent-pkg is a plugin for Rodent Filemanager that provides a GUI interface for command line package management. It is currently targeted at the FreeBSD pkg program.

No download Website Updated 25 Mar 2011 rootify

Pop 10.77
Vit 34.36

rootify is an easy-to-use privilege escalation tool. It's a peculiar combination of su and sudo.

Download No website Updated 13 Jan 2014 rpmconf

Pop 94.68
Vit 9.58

rpmconf is a tool that searches for .rpmnew and .rpmsave files and asks you what to do with them. You can choose to keep the current version, place back the old version, or view the difference between the two before deciding.


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