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Download Website Updated 12 Nov 2007 fbctrl

Pop 13.71
Vit 1.43

fbctrl is a very lightweight utility to switch the windows or desktops on top of any compatible window manager like fluxbox, blackbox, or openbox. The main goal behind this utility is to recover the old focus behavior of fluxbox 0.1.14 for the newer versions, if no tabs are used.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2008 TurtolCMS

Pop 36.33
Vit 3.61

TurtolCMS is a powerful, flexible Web content management system. With it, you can manage every aspect of your Web content directly from your Web browser with intuitive editing tools. TurtolCMS does not restrict you with a template, but allows a designer full freedom to build any desired look and then gracefully re-use that design consistently for any new content that is added.

Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2007 dprofpp_grapher

Pop 35.30
Vit 1.76

dprofpp_grapher generates a graphic representation of Perl profile data.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2007 Volo Milestone

Pop 13.38
Vit 49.11

Volo Milestone is a Web-based workgroup management system. It can track almost all job functions with virtually any type of call center, help desk, office, factory, law firm, or clinic. It can help reduce your CRM and helpdesk tracking costs. It can be installed in minutes, and its intuitive interface is meant to be used without the need for training. Its speedy performance can scale from small to very large offices and multiple departments. Its functionality can be extended easily with its organized design.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2011 justniffer

Pop 136.10
Vit 6.68

justniffer is a TCP packet sniffer. It captures TCP packets, reassembles and reorders them, performs IP packet defragmentation and displays the TCP flow in the standard output. It is useful for logging HTTP network traffic in a "standard" (Web server like) or in a customized way. It can log the performance of network services (such as Web server response time or keep-alive behavior). It can be extended by scripts. One is provided for storing all captured HTTP content (such as images, JavaScript, CSS, or HTML) into files.

Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2007 stdin mixer

Pop 31.22
Vit 1.00

stdin mixer is a small program that allows the standard input of a program to be accessed from different terminals through a Unix socket. It can be used to provide a simple remote control method for programs like mplayer or mpg321.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2007 Boolean Expression Solver

Pop 21.26
Vit 1.00

Boolean Expression Solver is a commandline utility that generates a truth table for a given Boolean expression. It is written in Java, so it will run on any platform that has the Java runtime environment installed, but the makefile and shell-script included for convenience generally require *nix.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2011 CyPasswd

Pop 9.80
Vit 1.65

CyPasswd is a GUI for adding new users and changing passwords using shadow and samba.

No download Website Updated 13 Sep 2007 SyWiCo

Pop 17.89
Vit 1.00

SyWiCo is a tool for managing concurrent modifications of shared files between unconnected computers. It can be used as a synchronization tool relying on email. Its main design goal was for synchronizing the source code by email between developers, when the use of a source control software is not possible. The communication is stateless and reduced to a very small number of messages, typically 2 or 4. It does not create any files in the directories that it synchronizes, and leaves one participant free from dealing with merging and conflict resolution. This is not a tool to replace source control programs, as it provides no versioning.

No download Website Updated 06 Oct 2007 phpEquiMon

Pop 20.49
Vit 1.42

phpEquiMon is a lightweight PHP Web application designed for system administrators to track and monitor servers, workstations, or other IP-based equipment. It uses an SQLite backend by default, and is well suited for anything from SOHO to whole data centers.


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Lilith Logback event viewer

A logging and access event viewer for Logback.


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A remote shell connection manager.