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Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2013 Free-SA

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Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of daemons' log files, similar to SARG. Its main advantages over SARG are much better speed (7x-20x), more support for reports, and W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports. It can be used to help control traffic usage, to control Internet access security policies, to investigate security incidents, to evaluate server efficiency, and to detect troubles with configuration.

No download Website Updated 28 Oct 2008 RacePoint

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RacePoint is software targeted at club admins for managing a pigeon racing season.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2014 FrontAccounting

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FrontAccounting is a Web-based accounting system for ERP chains. It is multiuser, multilingual, and multicurrency.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2013 STX B+ Tree

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The STX B+ Tree package is a set of C++ template classes implementing a B+ tree key/data container in main memory. The classes are designed as drop-in replacements of the STL containers set, map, multiset, and multimap, and follow their interfaces very closely. By packing multiple value pairs into each node of the tree, the B+ tree reduces heap fragmentation and utilizes cache-line effects better than the standard red-black binary tree. The tree algorithms are based on the implementation in Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest's Introduction into Algorithms, Jan Jannink's paper, and other algorithm resources. The classes contain extensive assertion and verification mechanisms to ensure the implementation's correctness by testing the tree invariants.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2009 Tigase Server

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Vit 4.07

Tigase Server is a lightweight and scalable Jabber/XMPP server. No third party libraries are needed. For services with very high load and a huge number of users, it can be deployed on as many machines as needed.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2010 make-photo-pages

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Vit 2.01

mpp.py is a program that generates static Web albums (HTML) based on the XML exported by Google Picasa's or from a directory of pictures. It's fully template based and supports i18n, EXIF, and other features common in software of this type.

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2012 uhub

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Vit 9.61

uhub is a high performance peer-to-peer hub for the ADC network. Its low memory footprint allows it to handle several thousand users on high-end servers, or a small private hub on embedded hardware. It uses the ADC protocol, and is compatible with DC++, jUCy, and other ADC clients.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2010 Panel-GZW

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Panel-GZW is a solution for Web hosting platforms in Unix/Linux environments. Its design goals include simplicity, independence, and modularity. Panel-GZW lets users easily manage their Web hosting, including such features as FTP users, mailboxes, domain names, Cronjobs, SQL services, and more. It lets system administrators manage modules, quotas, users, FTP users, SQL databases and users, mailboxes and aliases, cronjobs, pre-plants, and more.

No download Website Updated 30 May 2009 phpfspot

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Vit 3.33

phpfspot allows you to present a photo collection prepared in F-Spot in Web browsers. F-Spot is a Mono-based photo software to organize your photos in a very comfortable way locally on your workstation. phpfspot allows tag selection from a tag cloud, and browsing through the album is eased with AJAX.

No download Website Updated 19 Jan 2013 vAVRdisasm

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Vit 4.80

vAVRdisasm is an Atmel 8-bit AVR firmware disassembler. This single-pass disassembler can read Atmel Generic, Intel HEX8, and Motorola S-Record formatted binary files containing valid AVR firmware. vAVRdisasm is capable of a variety of formatting options, and can output directly assemble-able code.


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A framework for creating games based on Settlers.


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A hard disk and partition imaging/cloning tool using compression and FTP.