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Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2014 check_ssl_cert

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check_ssl_cert is a Nagios plugin to check X.509 certificates. It checks if the server is running and delivers a valid certificate. It also checks if the CA matches a given pattern, and checks the validity.

No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2009 Zivios

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Vit 45.24

Zivios is a Web-based control panel for identity management, single sign-on, user, group, and computer provisioning, and remote management of services. It has an easy and extensible API that allows you to extend the core application with additional plug-ins for your in-house or third-party software.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2009 hex2passwd

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With hex2passwd, you can generate passwords that are relatively random yet still based on mnemonics. Because its output looks random, attackers will have more difficulty finding the mnemonic you use. Because the tool always generates the same password, you can use it to create all passwords you require.

Download No website Updated 07 Oct 2008 Out Of Memory Exstension

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Vit 44.92

oom_ext is a Linux kernel module that reserves memory that is freed right before the OOM-killer is invoked to allow for large processes to exit nicely. This could be useful in a clustering environment to allow for a monitoring daemon to notify a sysadmin before an out of memory condition.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2008 Photo Frame Prep

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Vit 44.88

Photo Frame Prep is a Python GUI script for preparing digital photos for upload to a digital picture frame.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2008 gtrayicon

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Vit 44.66

gtrayicon stands for "generic/gnome tray icon". It allows you to define two commands to be run when you click it. Also, it's fully user configurable: each action's icon, right click menu, and so on.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2011 C++ RTMP Server

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Vit 44.58

crtmpserver it is a high performance streaming server able to stream (live or recorded) in the following technologies: to and from Flash (RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPS, RTMPT, RTMPTE), to and from embedded devices (such as iPhone and Android), from surveillance cameras, and with IP-TV using MPEG-TS and RTSP/RTCP/RTP protocols. Also, crtmpserver can be used as a high performance rendesvous server. For example, it enables you to do audio/video conferencing, online gaming, online collaboration, and simple or complex chat applications.

No download Website Updated 21 Nov 2008 JGrit

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Vit 44.41

JGrit is a program that converts images from common formats (e.g. GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG) to source code that can be used to render the image on either the Game Boy Advance (GBA) or the Nintendo DS (NDS) system. There are already programs that do this, but none that play nicely with both Windows and Linux. It uses the grit command line tool as a backend.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2011 Piano Booster

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Vit 44.29

PianoBooster is a program that teaches you how to play the piano as well as the basics of reading musical notation. PianoBooster can play any MIDI files, listens and reacts to what you are playing on a MIDI keyboard. It makes sight reading music fun. It can make use of the "light keyboard" or "guide lamp" feature found in some keyboards, such as Yamaha EZ-200, Casio LK 220, LK-300 TV, and LK-43. Keyboards with this feature can cause specific keys to glow. PianoBooster can use this feature to show beginners which keys to press at any given time, even if they can't read musical notation.

No download Website Updated 10 Dec 2008 pyproctools

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pyproctools is a set of various command line tools to get information from the /proc filesystem. It is based on the proctools utilities of Solaris. The commands include pwait, which waits for the specified processes to terminate; pstop, which stops each process (with SIGSTOP); pcont, which continues running a previously stopped process (with SIGCONT); pfd, which shows the open file descriptors for each pid; and pldd, which lists the dynamic libraries and other files mapped into each process.


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A Web-based Nagios configuration interface.


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A framework for writing command line applications in Java.