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No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2008 Sandia Environmental Fluid Dynamics

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Sandia National Laboratories Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (SNL-EFDC) is a modified version of the EPA's public-domain model of surface-water flow, sediment transport, and water-quality.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2008 Loxodo

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Loxodo is a password vault that is compatible with Password Safe V3.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2014 Zoph

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There are many photo-gallery programs available. Zoph is different, as it concentrates on the management of large collection of photos instead of just showing them on the Web. It can store a lot of information about your photos, including the regular EXIF info, photographer, location, title, description, rating, and the people in the photo. Photos can appear in multiple albums and categories. Additional features include search, slideshows, lightboxes, email, access privileges, and multiple languages.

Download Website Updated 31 Oct 2008 CodaServer

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CodaServer is a database that makes building business applications easy. It uses a SQL-like language that lets you describe your workflow and business processes, and uses this information to enforce your business rules and guarantee data integrity. It also has a rich set of metadata commands so that your applications can get the information they need to build intelligent, process-aware user interfaces. CodaServer's listener is Web service-based, making it truly cross-platform, and it uses standard SQL databases for storing data, protecting your current investment.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2009 OpCfg

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OpCFG is a Web-based configuration tool for Nagios 3.x.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2008 TQLinux

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TQLinux is a Linux distribution meant to be fit, fast, stable, easy to set up, and easy to develop applications for it.

No download Website Updated 30 Nov 2008 Casetta

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The aim of the Casetta project is to provide a collection of software to open, edit, convert, and transfer data with a Casio graphical calculator. For the moment, it provides three programs. Casetta is a Python module to make conversions between various Casio data formats, transfers with a Casio calculator, and let any Python program manage data such as programs, backups, etc. Casetta_cli is a command line interface for Casetta to make massive format conversions, or just to use a powerful interface. Gasetta is a graphical interface for file conversion, transfers, and to manage and edit your data.

No download Website Updated 07 Dec 2008 PocoBot

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PocoBot is a modular IRC bot written in C++. Most all bot functionality is implemented via plugins that are easy to write in C++. The bot currently has modules for basic channel management (kick, ban, op, etc.) and for seen and info functions.

No download Website Updated 20 Dec 2008 Remote Telescope System

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Remote Telescope System (RTS2) is an integrated system for remote observatory control. It is designed to keep an observatory running, protect it from elements, take images, ensure that pointing is good, react to TOOs, keep track of what was done, send you data, and help you to do science. It picks targets from a database table, stores image meta-data in a database, processes images, and stores WCS coordinates in the database. An abstract device layer enables control of all possible combinations of mounts, CCDs, photometers, and roof and cupola controllers.

No download Website Updated 22 Dec 2008 corn

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Corn is a small command-line-friendly and programmer-friendly music playing daemon. It strikes a balance between nerdy programmable flexibility and desktop integration.


Project Spotlight


An Offlineimap manager for the system tray.


Project Spotlight


A micro Linux distribution for securely hosting a Tor server.