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Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2007 SubdiverSVN

Pop 17.83
Vit 48.28

SubdiverSVN is a convenient Subversion client.

No download Website Updated 24 Dec 2010 vsstocvs

Pop 15.68
Vit 47.63

vsstocvs is a Perl script that automatically migrates all files from a Visual SourceSafe database to a CVS repository. The migration retains a full history for every file, including updates and check-in comments.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2008 gitstats

Pop 29.39
Vit 46.48

GitStats is a statistics generator for git repositories. It examines the repository and produces some interesting statistics from the history. Currently it outputs only HTML.

Download No website Updated 03 Jan 2012 gitolite

Pop 22.93
Vit 28.94

gitolite is an access control layer on top of git. It allows you to setup git hosting on a central server, and have multiple "virtual" users (i.e., not "Unix" users) access multiple git repositories, with fine grained access control (read control at the repo level granularity, write control at branch/tag/file/dir level). It has several other features, comprehensive documentation, does not require root permissions, and does not depend on anything except git, Perl 5.8 or later, and any POSIX shell.

No download No website Updated 19 Jan 2012 cgit

Pop 17.72
Vit 28.65

cgit is a fast CGI Web interface to git repositories. It supports browsing and searching of repository content and history, downloading of revisions, caching, commit feeds, HTTP cloning, plugins, and more.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2013 Diffuse

Pop 160.39
Vit 12.94

Diffuse is a graphical tool for comparing and merging text files. It can work with many revision control systems as a diff viewer or merge tool. Diffuse is able to compare an arbitrary number of files side-by-side (n-way merge), and gives the user the ability to manually correct line matching and directly edit the files.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2011 Mercurial

Pop 292.73
Vit 11.41

Mercurial is a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for the efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2010 Chora

Pop 230.58
Vit 8.24

Chora is built upon the Horde Application Framework and provides a read-only browser interface to any number of version control repositories. Advanced features include a visual branch view of the repository's history, pretty-printed output, annotation, patchsets and basic statistics.

Download Website Updated 05 Jul 2012 svnauthcheck

Pop 54.70
Vit 6.96

svnauthcheck checks the syntax of a subversion authorization file and generates Apache-like permission specifications to be used by other tools such as ViewVC. svnauthcheck, in combination with subversion pre- and post-commit hooks, can be used to delegate the administration of a repository authorization to the end users.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2010 Subversion Repository Search Engine

Pop 128.97
Vit 4.81

Subversion Repository Search Engine (SupoSE) scans a whole Subversion repository and creates a searchable index. It will scan Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files, and archives like .tar, .tar.gz, .jar, etc. in addition to all kinds of text-based data.


Project Spotlight


A software monitoring and analysis SDK.


Project Spotlight


A Minecraft world editor.