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Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2002 ACPI Temperature Monitor

Pop 48.27
Vit 2.04

ACPI Temperature Monitor is a Windowmaker dockapp that monitors the temperature and Speedstep features in new ACPI-based systems. It supports batteries, automatic shutdown when the power is low, and multiple screens.

Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2004 AClock

Pop 35.78
Vit 2.76

AClock is a little application that shows the time of the day with an analog display. It acts as a dockapp when used with GNUstep.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2004 ADIOS boot CD

Pop 92.45
Vit 2.10

ADIOS boot CD is a Linux live CD based on Red Hat Linux and a 2.6 kernel, with additional support for squashfs, unionfs, and SELinux. The CD can run from RAM, USB memory stick, or use FAT/EXT files for /var, or copy/install the CD to FAT/EXT files. The user can choose from KDE or IceWM. The user can start User Mode Linux (UML) virtual machines, each of which can start X. Each of the virtual machines can be networked via virtual ethernet switches and hubs. ADIOS requires at least 128MB RAM to run X11.

Download Website Updated 03 May 1999 AScd

Pop 20.15
Vit 73.92

AScd is a CD player applet that can be docked with Afterstep and Window Maker window managers. In spite of its little size, AScd is a full features CD player. It supports multiple visual themes and can be compiled on several platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and AIX.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2011 AfterStep

Pop 311.73
Vit 16.01

AfterStep is a Window Manager for X which started by emulating the NeXTSTEP look and feel, but which has been significantly altered according to the requests of various users. Many adepts will tell you that NeXTSTEP is not only the most visually pleasant interface, but also one of the most functional and intuitive out there. AfterStep aims to incorporate the advantages of the NeXTSTEP interface, and add additional useful features.

Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2004 Allin1

Pop 64.83
Vit 4.30

Allin1 is a little dock applet for FluxBox and similar window managers. It monitors CPU load with a moving graph, memory and swap usage with histograms, battery and power status with histogram and icons, ethernet/PPP interfaces with icons and histograms (linear or logaritmic), filesystem space, and Seti@home progress.

No download Website Updated 15 Sep 2004 BadWM

Pop 32.31
Vit 2.80

BadWM is a minimalistic window manager for the X Window System. It features no window decorations except for a simple 1 pixel border, no icons, no menu, good keyboard control (including repositioning and vertical/horizontal/full maximization), is configurable through a config file, virtual desktops, small binary size, high usability, intelligent window placement, intellegent window resizing, snap to edge, snap to border, and multi-head support.

Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2012 CLFSWM

Pop 59.63
Vit 9.16

CLFSWM (Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager) is an X11 window manager where windows are almost always fullscreen maximized or tiled. It can be driven using the keyboard alone or with the mouse.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2002 Clementine

Pop 16.97
Vit 1.74

Clementine is a window manager for X, based on aewm, written in C++. This project aims to create a small, fast window manager with the minimum amount of extra added features in order to make it usable. Clementine will be as small as possible within these constraints of usability, but no smaller.

No download Website Updated 24 Jul 2006 Damn Small Linux Not

Pop 54.70
Vit 2.03

Damn Small Linux Not is a desktop oriented Linux distribution based on Damn Small Linux. It uses a modern 2.6 Kernel and GTK 2 applications, but like Damn Small Linux, it strives to be compact yet user friendly. It will run well on systems of 300MHz with 64 MB of RAM or greater.


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GNU xorriso

An ISO 9660 multi-session CD/DVD/BD filesystem manipulator.


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A command line weather information tool.