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Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2001 GSnes9x

Pop 22.69
Vit 2.13

GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SNES emulator. It allows setting and preservation of options for each ROM, and keeps a Cheat Codes database, an unlimited amount of codes can be stored.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GSokoban

Pop 23.24
Vit 2.30

GSokoban is a puzzle game invented in Japan 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. The goal is to push a number of boxes to special spots in a maze, without getting stuck against walls or in corners.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2002 gspy

Pop 40.69
Vit 2.46

Gspy retrieves images from a video4linux device and processes these into a daily MPEG movie on the disk drive. Each image is recorded with a time stamp to ensure accurate real-world correlation. Special motion detection algorithms are used to reduce the size of the daily movies by eliminating pictures with similar content as well as the normal compression obtained by the mpeg process. The result is a time lapse video per day with nonlinear time compression using only the images of interest.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 gsteak

Pop 6.86
Vit 1.00

gsteak is a translator from German to English and English to German, implemented as a GNOME applet. gsteak either translates the word in the X- clipboard or the one entered. It returns a list of translations and possible uses of the word.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Gstring

Pop 18.00
Vit 1.01

Gstring is yet another guitar tuning application. It requires a soundcard, a microphone, the FFTW package, and if you want a GUI, the Gtk+ toolkit and a new Gtk+ widget called GtkDatabox. A non- Gui version called "string" is included in version 1.0.0 and dynamically linked binaries (for i386 machines) are included as well.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2003 GSwitchIt

Pop 26.74
Vit 5.24

gswitchit is a simple keyboard state indicator for the GNOME panel. It supports up to 4 keyboard groups and has customizable images for each group.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2002 gsysinfo

Pop 20.49
Vit 2.46

gsysinfo is a GNOME panel applet, modeled after the "xsysinfo" monitor. It displays system load, CPU usage (broken down by system/user/nice/idle), memory usage (normal/kernel cache/available), and swap space usage. Each of the gauges can be turned on or off, and the colours can be configured as desired.

Download Website Updated 29 Nov 2006 GTetrinet

Pop 76.13
Vit 7.29

GTetrinet is a clone of the popular Windows game Tetrinet. It is written for Gtk/GNOME, and is designed to be fully compatible with the original Tetrinet, as well as being identical in gameplay.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2010 GTimer

Pop 51.90
Vit 4.88

GTimer is a timer and report generator for your activities, built using the GTK+ toolkit.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 gtk-engines-extra

Pop 14.83
Vit 1.76

gtk-engines-extra contains extra themes and engines for the GTK toolkit, taken from It is designed to complement the standard GNOME package gtk-engines.


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A client-server pair to register clients with dynamic IP addresses in hosts.allow.


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A object-relational mapper.