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Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2014 J!Research

Pop 210.42
Vit 30.09

J! Research is a component for Joomla! 1.5 that allows for management of research-related work such as publications, projects, and theses categorized by research area.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2008 retypar

Pop 17.41
Vit 1.00

retypar converts photos, drawings, etc. into text. The result can be saved as text, HTML, ANSI,or as an image (JPEG or GIF). You can influence the conversion by altering certain options (font, font size, scale factor, color etc.). This program is translated into German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. In addition to the graphical interface, there is a batch mode that allows you to convert a number of pictures with a single command.

No download Website Updated 06 Sep 2009 Bilbo Blogger

Pop 31.87
Vit 1.53

Bilbo Blogger is a blogging application focused on simplicity and usability. It is based on the KBlog blogging library. It will support most popular blogging APIs.

No download Website Updated 07 May 2014 Ubuntu Privacy Remix

Pop 183.07
Vit 25.49

Ubuntu Privacy Remix is a modified live CD based on Ubuntu Linux. UPR is not intended for permanent installation on a hard disk. The goal of Ubuntu Privacy Remix is to provide an isolated working environment where private data can be dealt with safely. The system installed on the computer running UPR remains untouched. It does this by removing support for network devices as well as local hard disks. Ubuntu Privacy Remix includes TrueCrypt and GnuPG for encryption and introduces "extended TrueCrypt volumes".

Download No website Updated 15 Apr 2012 Peces

Pop 48.00
Vit 3.17

Peces is a program to play the traditional Tangram, a game of Chinese origin. It consists of constructing shapes with some polygonal pieces. Traditionally, the game has seven pieces, but there are also variations with 5 pieces, 14 pieces, and others.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2013 RedNotebook

Pop 443.85
Vit 27.17

RedNotebook is a graphical diary and journal to keep track of notes and thoughts throughout the day. It includes a calendar navigation, customizable templates for each day, export functionality, and a keyword search and cloud.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2010 splintgui

Pop 28.09
Vit 2.54

splintGUI is an graphical frontend for the syntax checker splint.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2009 Duo

Pop 19.80
Vit 1.54

Duo is a free implementation of the Crazy Eight or Uno card games. For now, Duo allows you to play against 1, 2, or 3 players controlled by the computer. It follows nearly all the rules of the well known game.

Download No website Updated 30 Nov 2009 Poddy Home

Pop 60.75
Vit 3.82

Poddy Home is a multimedia application that can replace your CD player, DVD player, video recorder, all your CDs and DVDs, and your collection of videos by storing them on your computer. It gives you easy, fast, and intuitive access to your media collection without the need to search for the disc itself. The included personal VCR can be programmed not only locally but also via a Web interface from anywhere.

No download Website Updated 04 Mar 2014 Spacewalk

Pop 276.99
Vit 18.59

Spacewalk is a Linux and Solaris systems management solution. It allows you to inventory your systems (hardware and software information), install and update software on your systems, collect and distribute your custom software packages into manageable groups, provision (Kickstart) your systems, manage and deploy configuration files to your systems, monitor your systems, provision virtual guests, and start/stop/configure virtual guests.


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Mutation testing for Java.


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A utility that prints a sequence of network addresses.