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No download Website Updated 02 Apr 2014 openModeller

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Vit 70.32

openModeller is a C++ framework providing tools and an API for ecological niche modeling using a variety of algorithms. It can be used to predict species potential distribution based on a set of georeferenced occurrence points and a set of environmental layers.

Download No website Updated 07 Jul 2005

Pop 13.64
Vit 56.62 is a script that will take an arbitrary file containing latitudes, longitudes, and values and create an image that plots the values to a mercator-projected map. The generated maps can be used as overlays in Google Earth or other map/chart visualization software.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2013 jdwglib

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Vit 55.99

jdwglib is a Java library for accesing files in the Autodesk DWG format. It is essentially a partial port from the Pythoncad DWG reading classes by Art Haas. jdwglib manages complex DWG objects, allowing users to employ these objects directly in their applications.

No download Website Updated 16 Apr 2006 Military Global Positioning System

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Vit 54.05

Military Global Positioning System is an application that addresses certain key surveillance issues of the military. It provides certain logical filters like night vision, contrast stretching, and sharpening. An intelligent A* search algorithm provides the optimal path for the military tankers to the headquarters of the military base of the enemy. Security is a key concern in this application.

No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2006 GeoQuadTree

Pop 15.78
Vit 53.45

GeoQuadTree is an open format for storing georeferenced images on a filesystem. It is based on image tiles, compressed in PNG format, and organized in a hierarchical structure of folders. This project also includes software to import, export, and serve the images.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 Fieldtrip

Pop 16.12
Vit 46.76

Fieldtrip allows content experts to produce online e-case studies with limited support from computer and media specialists. Case studies include a group of events, each of which have a place (on a map) and a time (on a timeline), and can be associated with other media elements such as photos, animation, audio, and video. It is designed for students, researchers, and educators at the graduate and post-graduate level and for professionals and practitioners.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2008 KML Creator

Pop 10.00
Vit 46.19

KMLCreator is a PHP class for creating KML files, the Google Earth format for presenting geographical elements like areas, points, lines, and polygons. It supports folders, the ability to customize elements with styles, icons, and colors, and time stamps.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2014 Fimex

Pop 460.49
Vit 45.88

Fimex is a the File Interpolation, Manipulation, and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data. It converts between different, extensible data formats (currently netcdf, NcML, grib1/2, metgm, wdb, and felt). It enables you to change the projection and interpolation of scalar and vector grids. It makes it possible to subset the gridded data and to extract only parts of the files. For simple usage, Fimex also comes with the command line program fimex.

No download Website Updated 21 Jun 2010 Vespucci

Pop 29.24
Vit 37.34

Vespucci is an editor for the OpenStreeMap for the Android platform. It does not require any desktop components, pre-created tile sets, or postprocesing, and can download and upload the map data to/from the OpenStreetMap servers.

No download Website Updated 05 Mar 2014 Daylight Chart

Pop 171.71
Vit 35.72

Daylight Chart shows sunrise and sunset times in an attractive chart for any location in the world. The effect of daylight savings time is also displayed. Charts can be exported to image files.


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A client-server pair to register clients with dynamic IP addresses in hosts.allow.


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A object-relational mapper.