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Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2004 JavaFind

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JavaFind is an implementation of the Unix "find" program that allows Java programs to search for files in a platform-independent way. It can recursively search for files by regex as well as with many of the useful find options, including max depth, min depth, follow symlinks, and file type. It is intelligent and can automatically choose the best method to perform the find operation. It detects if it's running on a GNU system and transparently delegates the speed-sensitive work to the GNU utilities.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 Command Line WRAPper

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Vit 1.00

Command Line WRAPper is a tool that provides an easy way to build and run commands from input lines, avoiding the use of shell script. It is similar to xargs.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2004 Youhp3

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Vit 7.34

Youhp3 (Youpee's One Unlimited HTML PreProcessor) is an HTML preprocessor that allows you to embed code of any script language, as well as calling any external program to generate text files. It is specifically designed to work with HTML/XML documents, and provide traditional features, such as define, include, macro, conditional tests, and loop.

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2004 DOMC

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DOMC is a lightweight implementation of the Document Object Model (DOM) in ANSI C as specified in the W3C DOM Core Level 1 recommendation. When coupled with the Expat XML Parser Toolkit, DOMC can load, store, build, and directly manipulate XML documents represented as a tree in memory.

Download No website Updated 07 Sep 2004 regexp-engine

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Vit 2.28

regexp-engine is a regexp engine written entirely in Ruby that makes it possible to search in text with advanced search patterns. It supports Perl 5 and some Perl 6 syntax and is fairly compatible with Ruby's native regexp engine, passing almost 98% of the Rubicon tests. The implementation is simple and contains no optimizations.

No download Website Updated 06 Sep 2004 ParaTools

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Vit 1.53

ParaTools is a set of Perl modules for the handling of document references. It includes three citation parsers, two document parsers, OpenURL support, Web service examples, and detailed documentation. The toolkit has been designed to be easily expandable. The parsing functionality in ParaTools is already in use in the ParaCite system.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2004 uEdit

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Vit 1.84

uEdit is a simple plain text editor with useful custom features. It can include existing text files and the output of AppleScripts that generate text parts. Text file can be created from templates, and debugging features are included for Perl, Python, and HTML. Actions are also provided for HTML, AppleScript, JavaScript, CSS, and text manipulation scripts.

Download Website Updated 01 Aug 2004 ACFTools

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Vit 2.02

ACFTools is a utility for manipulating X-Plane flight simulator aircraft and weapon models without using its Plane Maker. It can decode both Apple and Intel ACF/WPN formats into plain text files with a syntax similar to C, which can be edited and then re-converted into binary data. It is able to extract almost complete 3D models of aircraft (fuselage, floats, tanks, wings, stabs, propellers, engines) and write it in AC3D modeler format. Edited 3D parts can then be merged into plain text and consequently converted into binary ACF files.

Download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 Migma

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Vit 1.41

Migma is a command-line tool that helps teachers create several different multiple-choice exams based on an original along with their respective answer sheets.

Download No website Updated 15 Jul 2004 edittwiki

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editTwiki lets you use your favorite editor to edit TWiki topics. It is written in Python and compiled into a Java jar using Jython, which makes it a regular Java application packaged into a jar.


Project Spotlight


A partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost.


Project Spotlight

S tar

The most POSIX compliant and fastest known implementation of a tar archiver.