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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Gem Drop X

Pop 29.73
Vit 1.50

Gem Drop X is a fast-paced puzzle game where it's your job to clear the screen of gems before they squash you. You're at the bottom, they're at the top, and they keep coming. Gem Drop X is an X-Window game for Unix, directly ported from the original GemDrop for the Atari 8-bit.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2001 Generator

Pop 49.19
Vit 3.20

Generator is a portable Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator with gtk/SDL, SVGAlib and Tcl/Tk user interfaces. It features its own unique portable 68000 core processor emulation enhanced by recompilation techniques.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2000 genps

Pop 19.65
Vit 71.69

genps uses PostScript in a genetic algorithm to produce art.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GF1

Pop 13.49
Vit 2.95

GF1 is a computer program for playing the 2 player boardgame GIPF. It has a nice and easy to use graphical user interface and you can play against another human, against the computer, or let the computer play against itself. The computer player is good enough to beat even the best human players at the moment.

Download Website Updated 27 Sep 2010 GFingerPoken

Pop 17.55
Vit 4.58

GFingerPoken is a BlackBox-type game written in C with graphics in POV-Ray. It uses GTK+ 1.2 or higher and is based on an old MS Windows shareware game called Marble. It features an easy drag-and-drop interface and randomly-generated levels with adjustable difficulty. It now features network play with two different game types. It is currently fully playable, but is still a little rough around the edges.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2007 gfortune

Pop 138.82
Vit 2.62

gfortune is a replacement for the traditional Berkeley fortune program included with the BSD games package. This implementation supports recursion down a tree of fortune files, the option to limit the number of lines output (for scripting), and other features. It fully maintains the functionality of the original. It includes the author's own archive of fortune files.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2000 ghtsclient

Pop 11.45
Vit 1.74

ghtsclient is the GTK-based client application for Holsham Traders, a realtime multiplayer trading game. In the game, you are a merchant on a distant planet trying to make as much money as possible by buying and selling goods.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2002 Glaxium

Pop 108.35
Vit 3.33

Glaxium is an OpenGL-based space-ship "shoot-em-up" styled game. It is designed to provide the same feel as the old 2D games of that type, but with 3D for the special effects.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GLHeretic for Linux

Pop 26.61
Vit 3.62

This game is a port of GLHeretic to Linux. It is also the first usable port of DOS-Heretic to Linux which runs under X11, GGI, SDL, and SVGAlib. Sound and Music work, and two sorts of net games (UDP and IPX) are implemented. The game runs on Linux/x86, Linux/m68k, Linux/Alpha, FreeBSD, Netwinder, SCO-Unix, and other UNIX machines.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 gLife

Pop 16.91
Vit 2.27

gLife embodies the concepts found in artificial life and cellular automata (subsets of artificial intelligence), with a bias towards creating an artificial society. It provides a limited set of rules, towards the goal of making some sort of society emerge.


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Vendetta Online

A multiplatform, 3D space-combat MMORPG.


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A C implementation of the DKIM message signing/verifying standard, both an API and a filter.