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Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2007 Planets

Pop 82.07
Vit 4.03

Planets is a fun, interactive program for many-body gravity simulations. The emphasis is on play: it's easy to add in planets, zoom in and out, change the physical constants, save and load configurations, etc. It's designed to be easy enough for a kid to enjoy, but that hardly precludes adults.

Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2005 Free Tennis

Pop 48.61
Vit 2.24

Free Tennis is a tennis simulation developed by a former tennis player. Its main feature is realism. For gameplay, "realism" means you have total control over the shot parabola. For graphics, it means players have realistic gestures. For AI, it means real tactics. A two-player mode via LAN is available.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2003 IBGS

Pop 27.98
Vit 1.75

IBGS is a game server for board games such as chess, go, checkers, and nine nens morris. Data about players and games are stored in an SQL database. The FICS protocol is supported. The IBGS Client is part of this project.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2008 Goba

Pop 27.00
Vit 2.17

Goba (Game Of Bases) is a remake of the classic Flash Attack game featuring pre-rendered graphics, sound, and networking (no computer opponents) with meta-server support. You control four tanks and try to destroy enemy bases while defending your own. The tanks have weapons, a set of mines, and the capability to build walls and fake bases, all of which may be recharged back at the base. The bases have a limited number of bomb attacks in their disposal, plus a laser beam that can cut through the whole game field (2000 x 2000 pixels).

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2004 Dirty Water

Pop 17.26
Vit 1.00

Dirty Water is an original MUD server/engine written in OCaml. It is designed to be much more advanced and realistic and to encourage role playing more than Diku-style MUDs.


Project Spotlight


A graphical frontend for the Cuneiform OCR tool.


Project Spotlight


A simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing.