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Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2007 lnkMusic

Pop 30.07
Vit 2.03

lnkMusic is a powerful and easy-to-use interface for MPD (Music Player Daemon). It features playlist sorting and a system tray item that lets you control MPD without having to open the main window. The tag browser is similar to the one in amarok with an integrated search engine.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2009 Agenda XML

Pop 39.65
Vit 3.50

Agenda XML is a simple project time tracker for Gnome and Kde. It places itself in the notification bar and keeps data in a readable XML file in the user's home directory.

No download Website Updated 23 May 2012 PigaVision

Pop 29.12
Vit 1.01

PigaVision is a software utility for using the television out ports of video cards. It functions as a front-end interface for the XRandR and Xvattr applications. In this way, PigaVision allows you to use your TV-out with one central application.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2009 Kwiki Billing

Pop 18.81
Vit 1.42

Kwiki Billing is designed for small to large businesses to manage invoices, estimates, inventory, vendors, stock control, customers, employees, orders, and more.

    No download Website Updated 23 May 2012 Alexei: Part IX

    Pop 24.25
    Vit 1.11

    Alexei: Part IX is a Free Software graphical adventure game in the style of the Rob Blanc and Arthur Yahtzee trilogies. You take the role of Alexei Volkov, a master criminal and a skilled thief, who is intent on robbing the house of a cruel and ruthless businessman.

    Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2010 gbRRDGraphix

    Pop 71.44
    Vit 2.20

    gbRRDGraphix is a graphical user interface that allows one to use RRDTool commands and "flow-tools" Netflow utilities easily. The project includes a scheduler to update the RRDTool database and a complete Web site to display all RRDtool graphics.

    Download No website Updated 12 Nov 2013 Xjig Manager

    Pop 19.62
    Vit 1.42

    Xjig Manager provides an easy way to launch Xjig, the jigsaw program. It allows you to preview images, set puzzle width, select piece size, swap mouse buttons, fix rotation angle to 90 degrees, set piece distortion, set shadow, set animation speed, and perform piece flipping and cropping. The 'no shuffle' option is good as a starter for younger children. It works with PNG, GIF, JPG, and BMP images. There is an image preview that can be seen as a floating picture while you solve the puzzle.

    Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2011 Transie

    Pop 22.09
    Vit 2.34

    Transie is a CAT (computer-aided translation) text editor for translators. It works on Linux with Qt and KDE. It is developed in Gambas BASIC and it's easy to customize and extend.

    No download Website Updated 24 Sep 2010 BOSS Live Installer

    Pop 13.45
    Vit 36.11

    BOSS Live Installer is a GUI live CD installer for Debian GNU/Linux and its derivatives. It currently supports Debian 5 Lenny, and a version for Debian 6 Squeeze is in development.

    Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2013 Mundus

    Pop 90.02
    Vit 4.91

    Mundus is a tool that can keep your /home folder clean by looking for uninstalled software that left configuration files. It can automatically or manually back up those files in case you need them later.


    Project Spotlight


    A daemon for the GM7 GPS Tracker.


    Project Spotlight


    Utilities for devices using SCSI command sets.