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Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2005 FPDF Library

Pop 145.03
Vit 1.86

FPDF is a PHP class which allows developers to generate PDF files with straight PHP, without using the PDFlib library.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2003 ClassiCollect

Pop 12.33
Vit 1.75

ClassiCollect is an SQL schema and data entry frontend specifically designed for cataloging a Classical CD collection. The frontend is designed to require as little typing as possible on the user's part, with reference tables for quick selection of composer, title, label, etc.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2006 bbsengine

Pop 44.16
Vit 2.85

bbsengine is a modular, object-oriented application framework that implements and manages templates, permissions, membership, database access, etc. It currently includes modules that allow for news, forums, links, and so forth.

No download Website Updated 14 Jul 2003 tadpole

Pop 20.25
Vit 1.00

Tadpole is a small GUI for editing/executing SQL queries against the SQLite database. It was named after Toad, a similar but far superior tool for Oracle.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2007 Database of Managed Objects

Pop 88.15
Vit 3.57

DMO is generic object management, documentation, and inventory software. It enforces defining an abstract hierarchical structure for the data stored, making object management very intuitive. All the data in a company can be stored in a structured manner, from hard disks, computers, and printers to routers, UPSes, and alarm systems. Powerful querying and PDF report generation, plugin support, a high level of customization, and very clean code make DMO a very powerful tool.

Download Website Updated 12 Nov 2003 ToBuS

Pop 20.78
Vit 1.76

ToBuS is a Web-based management system for holiday apartments. It stands for Touristisches Buchungs-System (tourist bookkeeping system).

Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2003 Asset Tracker

Pop 69.20
Vit 1.44

Asset Tracker is an inventory management system that allows flexibility in choosing column names and types and contains a plugin system, an access control system, filtering and sorting in the list view, and bookmarkable pages and views.

Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2003 MarsDict

Pop 17.41
Vit 2.01

MarsDict is a GTK dictionary frontend which uses plugins to get words from data sources. With the appropriate plugin, it can connect to MySQL, dict servers, or plain text files.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2003 DBDesigner 4 MySQL

Pop 50.08
Vit 1.00

MySQL DBDesigner is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation, and maintenance into a single, seamless environment. It combines professional features and a clear and simple user interface to offer the most efficient way to handle your databases.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2005 rtkmerge

Pop 34.21
Vit 2.15

rtkmerge is a GUI to the emerge command to handle packages under the Gentoo Linux Distrubution. It was initially written to help when running 'emerge world' to update the entire system. With rtkmerge you get all the outdated packages presented in a list and you can easily select which packages you want and don't want. USE-flags can be set individually for each package.


Project Spotlight


A clone of the Macintosh Galaxis game.


Project Spotlight


The Horde calendar application.