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Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2007 DataVision

Pop 354.20
Vit 10.42

DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports. Reports can be designed using a drag-and-drop GUI or a text editor. They may be run, viewed, and printed from the application or exported as HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, LaTeX2e, DocBook, or tab- or comma-delimited text files. The output files produced by LaTeX2e and DocBook can in turn be used to produce PDF, text, HTML, PostScript, and more. It can generate reports from JDBC databases or text data files. Report descriptions are stored as XML files.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2002 mediadbs

Pop 20.05
Vit 1.04

mediadbs is a database system built around MySQL, with the ultimate aim being the categorization of diverse electronic media, with tools to extract the data from the files, and to make the data available in many ways. Currently this is limited to mp3 id3 tags, and a Web-based output.

Download No website Updated 18 Jan 2002 clsDB.inc

Pop 35.30
Vit 1.02

clsDB.inc is a PHP class for making connections to a MySQL database. Its features include error checking, error logging, optional error output, email notification of errors, devel mode for a development server, and test mode for outputting the queries to a page with or without execution. It returns pertinent information when the query is run (number of records updated, insert id, etc). Results are left as a MySQL result so that they may be manipulated by any MySQL functions. The class can also perform table grooming.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2001 Permission Record Information Machine

Pop 30.53
Vit 68.24

Permission Record Information Machine (PRIM) delivers database connectivity via a web browser. Users can have different database permissions (e.g. create tables, modify tables, etc.). PRIM has built-in database analytical tools such as graph displays, reporting, etc. English and Chinese (Big5) language support.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 Netautor Professional

Pop 51.09
Vit 1.44

Netautor Professional is an application server and development environment. Netautor Professional was developed to serve the practical needs of users, and was continuously advanced.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2001 SMDP

Pop 29.34
Vit 1.00

The SMDP (Standard MP3 Database Project) provides a standard schema for MP3/ogg databases, APIs for numerous languages, and a few utility programs to aid in managment of the database. The goal is to standardize the format of MP3/ogg databases while making it easier for developers to incorporate database support into their MP3/ogg applications.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2001 MyCD-DB

Pop 19.05
Vit 68.13

MyCD-DB is a web based archive for audio CD collections. It uses PHP, Perl, and MySQL. It supports CD location for CD changers of up to 255 discs, and has an integrated CDDB interface.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 2002 MySQLDataManagement

Pop 31.18
Vit 2.34

MySQLDataManagement is a set of PHP scripts to manage data within a selected database. All databases and tables are shown, and you can add, edit, delete, order, and list the records in any table.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2001 formapp

Pop 17.15
Vit 1.00

formapp is a PHP library and small application for MySQL database forms. Its main feature is the fact that the description of the forms is in the database, so there is no need to change the PHP code to generate a new form. To create new forms, just fill in the forms for a form, and the fields in the form.

No download Website Updated 26 May 2014 Java SQL Admin Tool

Pop 153.88
Vit 6.04

Admin is entirely written in Java. It uses Swing GUI Components and JDBC to connect to databases. It has been succesfully tested with MySQL, Derby, InstantDB, Oracle, Empress, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. You can have a tree view of the RDBMS or pick a single instance to have a look at its metadata. It allows you to create, modify, and drop tables and to create indices on a table. The dynamic form makes it easy to enter data into a certain table, and the guided query makes it easy to retrieve data from a table and to export it. Java developers will probably enjoy the code generator doing an OO relational wrapper and a swing GUI for them. There is a tool with which SQL statements can be enriched with a few commands, generating a GUI to easily select data from a DB. You can also export and import data and transport it from one DBMS to another.


Project Spotlight


A clone of the Macintosh Galaxis game.


Project Spotlight


The Horde calendar application.