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Download Website Updated 16 Jan 2007 Geolizer

Pop 125.43
Vit 3.59

Geolizer is a patch for Webalizer that uses the GeoIP library to generate faster and more reliable geographic statistics than the default DNS suffix method. It is recommended that DNS reversal be disabled on your HTTP server for improved performance and more accurate statistics. It also supports country flag pictures, can be compiled under MinGW/MSYS, and features a human-readable transfer size display.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2010 Stager

Pop 87.45
Vit 5.73

Stager is a system for aggregating and presenting network statistics. Though tailored for using NetFlow data from the flow-tools package, it is generic and can be customized to present and process any kind of network statistics. The backend collects data with flow-tools and stores reports in a database, automatically handling the aggregation of hourly statistics into days, weeks, and months. The Web frontend presents data in tables, matrices, or plots. The reports are fully customizable, and their definitions are stored in the database.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2005 pmacct-fe

Pop 63.71
Vit 1.80

pmacct-fe is a frontend tool for presenting network statistics in tables and plots. It works by reading aggregates stored into a PostgreSQL database by pmacct. Features include user authentication and capabilities, support for multiple observation points, and customizable report types.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2003 Apache-logViewSQL

Pop 63.45
Vit 2.04

Apache-logViewSQL is a PHP frontend for mod_log_sql (formerly mod_log_mysql) which supports live viewing of Apache log data via MySQL. It provides the ability to drill down on live data as it comes in, and it also integrates with geoIP databases.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2009 Zero RRD Framework

Pop 47.49
Vit 1.87

Zero RRD Framework provides a central HTTP-based service for importing into standard RRD databases and for generating graphs. A lightweight, easily extendable agent for the data sources pushes updates with minimal resource consumption to the master service using HTTP. With the introduction of VMs for the service, it's easy to test-drive the application and even the architecture (connecting agents to the service in the VM).

Download Website Updated 13 May 2003 AudiStat

Pop 38.25
Vit 2.02

AudiStat is a PHP application for generating and showing statistics for your Web site. It gives you statistics about hit counts, referring page, visitors country, visitors domain name, etc.

Download No website Updated 25 Mar 2007 PIX Logging Architecture

Pop 34.70
Vit 1.93

PIX Logging Architecture is a project allowing for correlation of Cisco PIX Firewall traffic, IDS, and informational logs. It parses Cisco PIX logs from syslog files, then pushes the parsed data to a database. It contains a Web-based front end for displaying and searching the Cisco PIX Firewall logs.

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2003 scr_ipfm

Pop 34.35
Vit 2.25

scr_ipfm is a PHP script which graphically displays the amount of data downloaded by users in a local network. To do this, it uses logs generated by the ipfm program (available at scr_ipfm features the ability to sort by in-coming data size, out-going data size, total data size, or host. Daily, monthly, annual, and global statistics are gathered.

No download Website Updated 06 May 2004 ProviderTool

Pop 24.66
Vit 1.00

ProviderTool Internet server administration program with email protection. The software is divided into a subcomponent Admin Tool, Customer Tool, and a Reseller Tool. Each subcomponent tool manages a separate zone that is setup for the specific needs of your administrator, end user, and reseller. If you have a Red Hat, SuSE, or Debian Internet or intranet server, you will be able to add, delete, and change settings and users with just a couple of clicks. ProviderTool is delivered with a separate Apache and PHP server environment. There is also an email protection tool included.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2007 ht://Miner PHP Middleware

Pop 17.00
Vit 1.00

ht://Miner's PHP middleware is a set of classes that build an abstraction layer between applications and ht://Miner's data warehouse. The objective is to simplify the creation of PHP driven applications for querying Web usage data stored in the database. It requires ht://Miner.


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Diladele Web Safety

A Web filtering ICAP server for the Squid proxy server.


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A reservation system for PCs.