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Download Website Updated 03 May 2001 CEIConvert

Pop 9.80
Vit 69.23

CEIConvert is a program that converts your email data between kMail, Evolution, Netscape (Linux), and Eudora.

No download Website Updated 09 May 2001 Linux CD-ROM Game System

Pop 14.14
Vit 69.19

The Linux CD-ROM Game System shows you how to create bootable CD-ROMs that are designed for playing a single game that runs under Linux. The CD-ROM contains only the game to be played and the minimal Linux installation necessary to play it. Using one of these CD-ROMs makes a PC resemble a consumer game console. The PC used does not need to have Linux installed.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2001 CMDInfo

Pop 13.64
Vit 69.19

Extracts information from the linux boot append= line. For example if you have as boot command line boot: Linux append="x11=true" You can use this program to extract that information and go to init level 4 from within your rc.local script It is also useful for having bootscripts that have to behave differently according to the booted kernel (e.g. ip masquerading on 1 machine with a 2.2 or 2.4 kernel installed).

Download No website Updated 10 May 2001 SetQmail

Pop 15.10
Vit 69.18

SetQmail is a graphical installer for qmail.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2001 Mirro

Pop 9.27
Vit 69.15

Mirro will find the closest mirror to your connection, given a file containing addresses. It pings every site extremely quickly, and sorts the reponses based on the number of hops and the round-trip time.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2001 My_cgi simple CGI functions

Pop 9.22
Vit 69.14

My_cgi is the result of some experimentation with embedded Linux (uCLinux) on a usimm platform. The intent is to make a small, compact, and simple set of functions to get user input and provide dynamic HTML content from an embedded HTTP server.

No download Website Updated 05 Jun 2001 Simple Photo Album

Pop 12.08
Vit 68.99

SPA (Simpe Photo Album) is a dynamic online photo album program written in PHP. SPA is a very easy-to-use PHP script that dynamically generates a photo album for your Web page from a directory full of JPEG/GIF images. Simply put this script in a directory containing image files, and it will do the rest. It includes previous/next links for easier navigation. No database or metafiles are needed.

Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2001 Vim LaTeX Macros

Pop 24.98
Vit 68.98

Vim LaTeX Macros is a set of macros meant to make writing LaTeX with Vim more convenient.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2001 HTTPget

Pop 16.31
Vit 68.84

HTTPget is able to do multi-threaded HTTP downloads, and can also download files found through scanning HTML files.

No download Website Updated 02 Jul 2001 The Quickmake Build System

Pop 10.34
Vit 68.79

The Quickmake system is a set of makefiles and templates allowing rapid setup of heirarchial build directories, allowing the user to focus on application development rather than on the details of makefile construction and dependancy generation. It automatically generates dependancy information and automates the entire build system, right up to packaging.


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A Document Imaging Archive System.


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A UPnP interface to the music player daemon.