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Download Website Updated 03 May 2001 CEIConvert

Pop 9.85
Vit 69.23

CEIConvert is a program that converts your email data between kMail, Evolution, Netscape (Linux), and Eudora.

No download Website Updated 28 Oct 2012 CF Score

Pop 24.80
Vit 6.46

CF Score is a tool for radiologists and respiratory physicians. It assists in the scoring and monitoring of chest radiographs of patients with cystic fibrosis, using the Brasfield method.

No download Website Updated 01 Jul 2002 CF_ECHOpayform

Pop 15.75
Vit 1.00

CF_ECHOpayform allows you to accept credit cards and checks online. Just include it in your secure website and you're ready to go. It is available in Cold Fusion, PHP, and ASP.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 CGI++

Pop 14.49
Vit 2.69

CGI++ is a macro pre-processor for C++. The macros which it provides facilitate CGI input parsing, HTML generation, HTTP cookies, and database access. The only database currently supported is MySQL.

No download Website Updated 22 May 2003 CHDecide

Pop 37.23
Vit 1.00

CHDecide (formerly known as iDecide) will ask you to estimate how likely you are to succeed with an option, how much it's worth for you and how much it hurts if you fail. It will then compute which option is expected to give the most happiness. The program uses the expected-utility theory to make predictions of which option you should choose. You might think that you don't need a program to make your choices, but research has shown that humans are surprisingly bad at picking the most logical choices.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2003 CHRendezvous

Pop 22.47
Vit 1.00

This program lets users search for local Rendezvous services such as Web servers and iChat users. It also facilitates publishing a Rendezvous service on the network.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2007 CLC Free Workbench

Pop 25.92
Vit 3.32

CLC Free Workbench enables users to perform bioinformatics analyses and smooth data management, combined with excellent graphical viewing and output options. Some of the features are GenBank searching, including download facilities and full graphical overview; user-friendly graphical tools for viewing DNA, RNA, and protein sequences; full integration of data input, data management, calculations results, and data export; DNA, RNA, and protein alignment tools; reverse translation; restriction site analysis; and phylogenetic analyses.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2001 CMDInfo

Pop 13.56
Vit 69.18

Extracts information from the linux boot append= line. For example if you have as boot command line boot: Linux append="x11=true" You can use this program to extract that information and go to init level 4 from within your rc.local script It is also useful for having bootscripts that have to behave differently according to the booted kernel (e.g. ip masquerading on 1 machine with a 2.2 or 2.4 kernel installed).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 CONFIG::

Pop 25.98
Vit 2.29

The CONFIG:: Perl modules are highly useful in connection with mod_perl CGI scripts. It caches files to speed up file reading. It's possible to configure the module to remove comments (several types), trailing blanks, and empty lines, or to do other useful things only once.

No download Website Updated 20 Aug 2008 CONSIDEO MODELER

Pop 77.58
Vit 1.69

CONSIDEO MODELER allows you to mindmap a complex problem, analyse it qualitatively to discover levers and bottlenecks, and even to simulate it by automatically building a system dynamics model. One can integrate any external data and setup a customized management cockpit for playing out scenarios. It is useful for organizational problems, project management, financial analysis, production processes, score cards, and much more.


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Base85 encoding and decoding for Node.js.


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Multiverse Miner

A sci-fI RPG.