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Download Website Updated 30 Sep 2005 NetTraf

Pop 43.58
Vit 2.89

NetTraf consists of a daemon that gets information from a Linux interface and sends it on the network to NetTraf clients. Clients then can use the information to show to the user how the connection is performing. This program is mostly useful with dial-up connections on a masqueraded server, so all users on the network know when the connection is active, and if there is too much traffic on the line. This package DOES NOT comes with any client applications; you can find them on the homepage. The author needs help to develop a Linux client.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Newmat

Pop 37.31
Vit 1.00

Newmat, a C++ matrix library, is intended for scientists and engineers who need to manipulate a variety of types of matrices using standard matrix operations. The library includes the operations *, +, -, concatenation, inverse, transpose, conversion between types, submatrix, determinant, Cholesky decomposition, QR triangularisation, singular value decomposition, eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix, sorting, fast Fourier and trig. transforms, printing, and an interface with Numerical Recipes in C.

No download Website Updated 26 Apr 2009 NewSyslog

Pop 85.24
Vit 4.64

NewSyslog is an updated version of a package put together by Theodore Tso of MIT Project Athena (which is included in NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.). It manages the rotation and archiving of log files (primarily those written to by syslogd). This version has a mix of features from all of the other versions, and it has been made more portable than any of the others with the help of GNU Autoconf.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 NOCOL

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.49

nocol (Network Operation Center On-Line) is a collection of system and network monitoring agents which have a common viewing interface and logging mechanism. It can be used to monitor your LAN or WAN network devices as well as your Unix systems and services.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001

Pop 7.87
Vit 72.72 is a FidoNet nodelist generator written in perl.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2003 Object-Oriented MPI

Pop 55.40
Vit 1.61

OOMPI is an object-oriented interface to the MPI message passing library standard. It is used at a much higher level than the standard MPI C++ bindings, providing a full class library that takes advantage of many C++/object oriented abstractions for message passing. It is a thin layer that runs over any MPI-1.1 compliant C implementation.

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2000 Open Reference

Pop 12.85
Vit 2.03

OpenReference is a Java servlet/JSP-based Web application meant to help you manage your research references and notes. It is well-suited for students and professionals. There is also a public server for those who do not have their own servlet engines. The public server can be customized so that it acts like your private one.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2003 Open Source Poplog (Mirror)

Pop 21.07
Vit 1.58

Poplog is a high-level programming environment including the languages: Pop-11, ML, Common LISP (including CLOS), and Prolog. Poplog allows the programmer to write mixed-language programs and perform incremental compilation. It includes a fully customisable text editor (VED) with multi-font capabilities, a comprehensive X interface including Athena, Motif, and OLIT widget set support, a custom Poplog widget set including a neat text-editing widget, and an easy to use graphics widget. It supports graphics elements such as graph drawing, turtle graphics, high-level support for creating dialog-box based applications, and a multi-window X based implementation of VED (XVed). Poplog implementations are available for Solaris and Intel Linux, AIX on PPC, Digital Unix Alpha and Windows9X/NT.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2007 OSS

Pop 286.84
Vit 14.30

OSS provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards under Linux, *BSD, Solaris, UnixWare, OpenServer, AIX, HPUX, LynxOS, VxWorks, and Tru64. These drivers support digital audio, MIDI, synthesizers, and mixers found on sound cards. These sound drivers comply with the Open Sound System API specification. OSS provides a user-friendly GUI which makes the installation of sound drivers and configuration of sound cards very simple. It supports over 200 brand name sound cards, and provides automatic sound card detection, Plug-n-Play support, support for PCI audio soundcards, and support for full duplex audio.

Download Website Updated 16 Aug 2001 Par

Pop 41.27
Vit 1.07

Par is a paragraph reformatter, vaguely similar to the standard Unix fmt filter, but better. It uses a dynamic programming algorithm that produces better-looking line breaks than the greedy algorithm used by fmt. It can also deal correctly with a variety of quotation and comment conventions.


Project Spotlight


A Python IDE.


Project Spotlight


A command line tool to output your database schema and data in diff-able form.