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Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2000 publicfile

Pop 18.92
Vit 72.16

publicfile supplies files to the public through HTTP and FTP. It is secure and lightweight. publicfile is a very good choice for web servers with only static content and for anonymous FTP servers.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2000 Subject Search Server

Pop 8.37
Vit 71.33

SSServer is a powerful server-based search assistant, which adds the ability for visitors to search your Web site for the information they want. It provides intelligent Subject Search capabilities, support for more than 35 languages, and the ability to customize reports to fit the look of the Web site.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2013 DBSight

Pop 439.35
Vit 70.64

DBSight is a J2EE search platform for instant scalable full-text search on any relational database, for both beginners and experts. It lets you add Lucene-based searching to any Web page with SQL and JavaScript. It features a built-in database crawler that follows user-defined SQL, incremental indexing, configurable result ranking, highlighted search results (like Google), categorized result counts (like Amazon), and sharded distributed search. Scaffolding supports tag cloud, suggest-as-you-type, spell checker, and much more. It easily integrates with other languages through XML, JSON, and HTML, and can embed the search UI and results to any Web page by just copying a section of JavaScript. No Java coding is necessary. All managing operations are UI-based. Deleted or updated records in the database can be synchronized. Content outside the database can also be searched.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2000 bew

Pop 71.50
Vit 69.79

bew is a Web mirroring tool that will recursively get a whole set of Web pages using the HEAD mechanism so that it only downloads pages that have changed. It mostly works, but there are still a lot of features to be added. Support for checking external links is also implemented.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2001 Wuzzle Jukebox

Pop 10.95
Vit 69.63

The wuzzle jukebox is a set of perl scripts which interface with a database of MP3s to provide a web based MP3 browser. People can select specific songs or albums they want to hear and add them to a playlist. The playlist format is compatible with winamp, windows media player, and XMMS. Security is provided by a combination of server directory/file security, and a login page.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2001 My_cgi simple CGI functions

Pop 10.49
Vit 68.73

My_cgi is the result of some experimentation with embedded Linux (uCLinux) on a usimm platform. The intent is to make a small, compact, and simple set of functions to get user input and provide dynamic HTML content from an embedded HTTP server.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2001 HTTPget

Pop 16.31
Vit 68.44

HTTPget is able to do multi-threaded HTTP downloads, and can also download files found through scanning HTML files.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2001 Shopping Cart System

Pop 20.98
Vit 67.88 Shopping Cart System is the only Web based ecommerce system that is completely administered through your Web browser, and includes an integrated Payment Processing Gateway at no extra charge. A single user version can be downloaded for free from our site for installation on your server.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2001 @1 WAP Formail

Pop 12.73
Vit 67.73

@1 WAP Formail is a formailer that needs very little modification, as most of the variables are set in the WML contact form. The WAP input form is included. It is quite easy to configure the script if you know some simple HTML.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2001 @1 WAP Sendmail

Pop 17.83
Vit 67.73

@1 WAP Sendmail lets your visitors send emails to any email address from your WAP site. The script checks the validity of the email addresses, and other required fields. The WAP input form is included.


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A high quality video editing system and VJ tool.


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Home automation software.