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No download Website Updated 08 Oct 2013 CT-gui/CT-synth/CT-farfisa

Pop 24.64
Vit 15.65

CT-gui is a touch-friendly GUI toolkit which can be used on the Linux desktop and on Android devices. Development can be done quickly and easily on a Linux box, then ported to an Android tablet or phone. For graphics, only OpenGL or OpenGL ES is used. For audio, ALSA is used for Linux and OpenSL ES for Android. As you might expect, the Android SDK and NDK should be installed on your system. Two demo projects called CT-synth and CT-farfisa are included, which are a polyphonic synthesizer with about 20 built-in patches, and an organ with many sounds. These can be played using the mouse or your fingers, or with an attached MIDI keyboard.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2009 SolarCalc

Pop 50.62
Vit 1.84

SolarCalc is a program for estimating the solar radiation and electrical energy yield in a given site around the world. The software has been written in Qt and uses the most recent models of solar radiation conversion by PV effects. The software can take into account many aspects of solar systems such as detailed diffuse/beam correlation models, temperature effects, and shadowing effects. The system allows you to build a user-based archive of components, like solar panels and inverters. Many printing and exporting functions are available, as well as ready-to-use PDF report export.

No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2011 PHP Tree Graph Ext

Pop 32.63
Vit 2.44

PHP Tree Graph Ext is a PHP package that can be used to render graphical diagrams of hierarchical trees of nodes. Each node may be associated with a title, text, an image, and a desired width and height that it will occupy in the tree's graphical diagram. The colors of the image background, node, node links, and node texts are configurable. The node link style, node text font, and node border width can also be configured. The user can also choose which node will be the root, such that all nodes that aren't a descendant of the root won't be shown.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2005 Tete

Pop 12.96
Vit 1.00

Tete allows you to select intervals, chords, or scales and play examples of the selected sounds in a random order. As each is played, it is highlighted in the list. Once you think you can tell what is playing, you can test yourself. A series of sounds will be played, again at random, and you attempt to identify what has been played. You can control how each sound is played back by changing the MIDI instrument, the octave range allowable, the root note, and whether the sounds are played ascending or descending.

No download Website Updated 14 Feb 2006 TrackIt

Pop 29.44
Vit 2.08

TrackIt is a Web-based project tracking tool designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility, customization, and most importantly, usefulness to the developer. It has built-in support for various Extreme Programming constructs, as well as full Subversion and CVS integration. It also supports simple listings via HQL and advanced reporting via SQL. It is written in pure Java, so it will run on any OS with a VM.

Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2012 Very Simple Control Protocol & Friends

Pop 170.99
Vit 9.41

The very simple control protocol is a protocol for M2M (machine to machine), home automation, and similar things. This package includes programming tools, daemons, and userspace tools for using this protocol.

No download Website Updated 18 Mar 2004 Thinlet-Helper

Pop 19.75
Vit 1.01

Thinlet-Helper is a jEdit plugin that is designed to help developers and GUI designers work with the Thinlet GUI toolkit. It allows you to see the effect of modifying the XML code of a Thinlet document in real time by displaying a constantly updated rendition of the GUI.

No download Website Updated 01 Jan 2004 AmberPoint Express

Pop 8.06
Vit 61.36

AmberPoint Express is a product for monitoring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting Web services messages. It operates for Web services built with Tomcat/Axis. It helps developers that are building and deploying Web services. Some of its basic features include performance monitoring, analysis, diagnosis, and testing.

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2003 vinSMSIndia

Pop 17.41
Vit 1.43

vinSMSIndia is a simple PHP class that allows you to send free SMS messages to Indian mobile users.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2003 GNUstep-icons

Pop 124.66
Vit 1.48

GNUstep-icons is a collection of icons designed for the GNUstep project that are free for general use. The icons were designed on a NeXT computer and built using the gamma on that platform.


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A small, non-interactive, shell-like scripting language.


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A software wavetable synth.