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No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2004 restore-FreeBSD

Pop 32.45
Vit 1.00

restore-FreeBSD is a tool that generates a pseudo-port that contains everything that is currently installed on a FreeBSD system.

No download Website Updated 10 May 2010 rezerwar

Pop 84.32
Vit 2.72

rezerwar is a puzzle game that could be quickly described as the illegitimate child of a known block game and the average pipe game.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2004 rlpr

Pop 70.99
Vit 3.57

The rlpr package makes it possible (or at the very least, easier) to print files on remote sites to your local printer. It includes BSD-compatible replacements for `lpr', `lpq', and `lprm', whose functionality is a superset of their BSD counterparts. In other words, with the rlpr package, you can do everything you could do with the BSD printing commands, and more. The programs are all smaller, cleaner, and more portable than their BSD equivalents, and supported on just about any POSIX.1 system.

Download No website Updated 24 Mar 2014 rodent-pkg

Pop 48.23
Vit 1.08

Rodent-pkg is a plugin for Rodent Filemanager that provides a GUI interface for command line package management. It is currently targeted at the FreeBSD pkg program.

Download No website Updated 11 May 2007 romfser

Pop 18.92
Vit 50.92

romfser is userland program for listing, extracting, and partially mangling romfs images. You can provide it with an offset in an image where the file system starts. The mangling ability is expressed in file substitution, where the new file has to be equal or smaller in size compared to the file being replaced. It can extract single files into the current directory or extract the whole filesystem while preserving the directory structure.

Download Website Updated 29 Jul 2008 rospell

Pop 16.12
Vit 2.24

rospell is a UTF-8 text editor for programmers and general use. It features syntax highlighting, a code beautifier for C and C++, and support for gdb, ctags, grep, diff, and merge. It includes spellers for English, French, German, Spanish, and Romanian languages. Romanian aspell and hunspell dictionaries are also available.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2007 rr

Pop 56.28
Vit 1.42

rr is a basic command-line utility designed to retain/recall file and directory paths. This is done by treating the filename itself as a unique key to be referenced for future rr program calls. The purpose of this is to assist the user in shorthand typing and/or not having to remember arbitrary full paths. So, for example, "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" can be referenced as "// httpd.conf" in daily operations.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2005 rsaver

Pop 31.56
Vit 1.42

rsaver is a simple X screensaver that only uses Xlib. After a specified amount of time it will start to draw radioactive signs. If a timeout is not specified, the timeout value is obtained from the X server.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2010 rsget.pl

Pop 57.18
Vit 2.86

rsget.pl is an application designed to retrieve files from download services (like RapidShare, MegaUpload, and many more). It has a long list of features already implemented, and an even longer TODO list.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2004 rsyncbackup

Pop 95.98
Vit 2.30

rsyncbackup is a handy tool for scheduled backups using rsync. rsyncbackup lets you easily setup multiple source folders and destinations, both locally, on your iPod or external firewire disk, or at a remote destination using ssh. rsyncbackup has no GUI, but is based on editing configuration files. The script is meant to be run in a crontab, so user interaction is not neccesary. Basic terminal skills are required to use the program.


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A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.


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A structured debug message system.