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Download Website Updated 03 May 2012 mftrace

Pop 49.80
Vit 7.07

mftrace is a small Python program that lets you trace a TeX bitmap font into a PFA or PFB font (A PostScript Type1 Scalable Font) or TTF (TrueType) font.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2002 SILGraphite

Pop 40.25
Vit 65.07

SILGraphite (formerly OpenGraphite) is a project within SIL's Non-Roman Script Initiative and Language Software Development groups to provide extensible cross-platform rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems. It consists of a rule-based programming language, Graphite Description Language (GDL), that can be used to describe the behavior of a writing system, a compiler for that language, and a rendering engine that can serve as the backend of a text processing application. SILGraphite renders TrueType fonts that have been extended by means of compiling a GDL program. It is currently being integrated into Gecko/Mozilla through the SILA project, a GNU/Linux port is also underway, and there are plans for OpenOffice.org and Abiword integration.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2003 Free Bangla Fonts

Pop 35.33
Vit 2.97

The Free Bangla Fonts project is a volunteer run project dedicated for creating Free, high quality, completely Unicode compliant Open Type Bengali fonts. This project aims to be the central resource for getting and developing Free Bengali fonts. The initial aim of this project is to release a full set of Bengali fonts that supports all the major Bengali Yuktakhars (conjuncts).

Download Website Updated 03 May 2007 FontForge

Pop 196.77
Vit 3.86

FontForge is an outline font editor that lets you create your own Postscript, TrueType, OpenType, CID-keyed, multi-master, CFF, SVG, and bitmap (BDF) fonts, or edit existing ones. It also lets you convert one format to another, and has support for many Macintosh font formats.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2004 font2svg

Pop 56.16
Vit 2.50

font2svg can convert any font that GhostScript is capable of rendering into an SVG-font. This includes all PostScript fonts, GhostScript's own format, and almost all TrueType fonts.

Download No website Updated 20 Oct 2009 Ormaxx Fonts for X

Pop 30.98
Vit 1.75

Ormaxx Fonts is a collection of ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-15 fonts to use in an xterm.

No download Website Updated 10 Nov 2002 ucs-fonts

Pop 64.70
Vit 1.03

The ucs-fonts package contains versions of all the "-misc-fixed-*" and Adobe X Window System bitmap fonts which have been extended to the largest possible Unicode subset that is sensible for these font sizes. These fonts are commonly used with xterm and many other applications. This package also includes a tool to convert these Unicode fonts into other encodings, such as the many ISO 8859 sets.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2002 Alphabet Soup

Pop 27.84
Vit 67.02

Alphabet Soup is a project which attempts to determine a number of things about the shapes of letters in several different writing systems. First, it hypothesizes a set of basic building blocks that all letters are built up from. Second, it hypothesizes a set of rules, a grammar or syntax, which defines how those pieces combine to make different letters. It can generate individual letters, randomize letters in an input string to create weird but readable text, or generate random strings of symbols.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2001 xfontselector

Pop 18.65
Vit 1.42

xfontselector is a program that enables easy selection of the most suitable font in X window. It allows you to choose several fonts and compare how they look line-by-line.

No download Website Updated 09 Nov 2001 ClearlyU

Pop 17.44
Vit 1.00

The ClearlyU family of bitmap fonts provides a set of 12 pt, 100 dpi proportional BDF fonts with many of the glyphs needed for Unicode text (including numerous alternate glyphs and other glyphs not encoded in Unicode that are necessary to actually display certain scripts, e.g., Arabic or Devanagari).


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A concatenative language with roots in Forth


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An application to edit the INFO list chunk in a RIFF file.