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Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2001 Font Viewer

Pop 84.04
Vit 3.75

gfontview is a GTK+ font viewer for PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts. It allows you to display any character or string in a particular font as well as all glyphs present in it. It supports antialiasing and kerning. It can also print font samples and font catalogs.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2013 GNU TeXmacs

Pop 828.81
Vit 88.72

GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is what you want) editing platform with special features for scientists. The software aims to provide a unified and user friendly framework for editing structured documents with different types of content: text, mathematics, graphics, interactive content. TeXmacs can also be used as an interface to many external systems for computer algebra, numerical analysis, and statistics. New presentation styles can be written by the user and new features can be added to the editor using Scheme.

No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2001 Guarani keyboard

Pop 11.31
Vit 69.45

Guarani keyboard is a set of utilities to edit and display Guarani, the language of Paraguay, from the Linux console.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2005 webFonts4Linux

Pop 84.29
Vit 2.72

webFonts4Linux is a shell scripts that automates the process of downloading and installing Microsoft's Web Core Fonts, a collection of high-quality True Type fonts designed for use with low resolutions. webFonts2Linux exists because although these Microsoft distributes these fonts for free, strong redistribution restrictions makes it impossible to distribute a tarball or package containing them.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2001 Python Font Downloader

Pop 11.36
Vit 67.88

PyFD is a cross-platform Python application using the wxPython toolkit. Its main task is send files, fonts, and snippets to a networked printer using LPR and Appsocket technologies.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2001 xfontselector

Pop 20.30
Vit 1.42

xfontselector is a program that enables easy selection of the most suitable font in X window. It allows you to choose several fonts and compare how they look line-by-line.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2004 font2svg

Pop 61.64
Vit 2.50

font2svg can convert any font that GhostScript is capable of rendering into an SVG-font. This includes all PostScript fonts, GhostScript's own format, and almost all TrueType fonts.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2012 mftrace

Pop 48.41
Vit 7.21

mftrace is a small Python program that lets you trace a TeX bitmap font into a PFA or PFB font (A PostScript Type1 Scalable Font) or TTF (TrueType) font.

Download No website Updated 21 Dec 2002 Webcore Fonts for Linux

Pop 101.14
Vit 1.42

Previously known as the Microsoft Fonts Under Linux (or msfonts), the Webcore fonts is a very easy to use, plug-and-play set of RPM packages with standard fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, and others. These packages are free only for users that have a Microsoft Windows license.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2004 Choosefont

Pop 48.86
Vit 1.81

Choosefont is a tool for efficiently finding the required font from a large amount of font faces. It can also create HTML and CSS code to select the font and copy it to the X clipboard automatically.


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A library for quick day-to-day C programming.


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Aspose.Pdf for Java

A Java component to create PDF documents.