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Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2010 ClamCour

Pop 50.79
Vit 6.02

ClamCour is a multi-threaded Courier filter that allows Clam Antivirus to scan incoming mail for viruses, and rejects it if the check is positive. Attachments can be "quarantined", and custom domain-based email reports can be sent.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2006 ClamSMTP

Pop 130.05
Vit 4.89

ClamSMTP is an SMTP filter that checks for viruses using ClamAV. It aims to be lightweight, reliable, and simple.

Download Website Updated 27 Nov 2003 CleanPOP

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.00

CleanPOP cleans your POP3 mailbox based on your local mbox, so local anti-spam tools can be applied to Web-mail and other non-local clients. After you've downloaded and processed mail from the POP server, CleanPOP logs in and purges email messages which match locally-added spam headers or are older than a configured expiration time. It aims to be safe by not deleting unfetched emails (unlike other email filters), and efficient by checking only new messages. It's also useful for fetchmail users, who have no option to "delete after X days".

No download Website Updated 24 May 2014 ClearOS

Pop 427.25
Vit 90.12

ClearOS is an integrated network server gateway solution for small and distributed organizations. The software provides all the necessary server tools to run an organization including email, anti-virus, anti-spam, file sharing, groupware, VPN, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, multi-WAN, and more. You can think of it as a next generation small business server. Through the intuitive Web-based management console, an administrator can configure the server software along with integrated cloud-based services.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2005 ColorDiff

Pop 82.52
Vit 2.75

ColorDiff is a wrapper for diff. It produces the same output as diff, but with coloured syntax highlighting at the commandline to improve readability. The output is similar to how a diff-generated patch might appear in Vim or Emacs with the appropriate syntax highlighting options enabled. The colour schemes can be read from a central configuration file or from a local user ~/.colordiffrc file.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2009 Common Configuration Parser

Pop 43.95
Vit 2.66

Common Configuration Parser (CCP) is a program that reads configuration files and upgrades them. It takes an oldfile (typically the configuration file currently in use) and a newfile (typically the default new configuration file) and optionally a template (a file that describes how the generated configuration file should look) and merges the files into one, creating a new configuration file that has the changes made to the old file in addition to the new options included in the new file. It is completely independent of the program that created the configuration file, and can be used for many different purposes such as merging changes between an old user-edited configuration file and a .rpmnew file generated by RPM during upgrades.

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2005 Constrictor Mail Filter

Pop 11.75
Vit 1.76

Constrictor is a Python module for parsing, filtering, and delivering mail as a mail delivery agent (like Procmail). Constrictor has the ability to deliver to maildir and Unix mbox format mailboxes, as well as bounce, forward, or reject messages.

No download Website Updated 06 Mar 2006 DKIM Proxy

Pop 24.54
Vit 54.83

dkimproxy is an SMTP proxy that signs and/or verifies Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM). It is designed to work with Postfix. It comprises two separate proxies: an "outbound" proxy for signing outgoing email, and an "inbound" proxy for verifying signatures of incoming email. With Postfix, the proxies can operate as either Before-Queue or After-Queue content filters.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2005 DSML Tools

Pop 102.61
Vit 2.73

DSML is the Directory Services Markup Language, an XML dialect for working with directory information. The DSML Tools provide for the querying of any LDAP directory (with search results output as DSML), the importing of DSML data into any LDAP directory, the directory-context validation of DSML (checking for illegal attributes in the entries, etc.), and the calculation of the differences (for a directory) between two DSML documents to provide an XML Diff algorithm for DSML data. This software makes all LDAP-supporting directories DSML-enabled. It can also check the integrity of DSML data, and show at a glance how two data sets, represented as DSML, differ.

Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2011 DSPAM

Pop 760.73
Vit 25.60

DSPAM is a server-side statistical anti-spam agent for Unix email servers. It masquerades as the email server's local delivery agent and effectively filters spam using a combination of de-obfuscation techniques, specialized algorithms, and statistical analysis. The result is an administratively maintenance-free, self-learning anti-spam tool. DSPAM has yielded real-world success rates beyond 99.9% accuracy with less than a 0.01% chance of false positives.


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