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Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2013 GLD-NG

Pop 36.00
Vit 3.10

GLD-NG is a greylisting daemon for Postfix. It is a fork of GLD which introduces some new features. It adds IPv6 support, and therefore relies exclusively on PostgreSQL, due to its better support of IP addresses. A basic Web UI is included to manage the greylist.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2010 amavisd-milter

Pop 20.15
Vit 38.75

amavisd-milter is a sendmail milter for amavisd-new that uses the AM.PDP protocol.

No download Website Updated 08 Jan 2014 ClearOS

Pop 351.03
Vit 19.85

ClearOS is an integrated network server gateway solution for small and distributed organizations. The software provides all the necessary server tools to run an organization including email, anti-virus, anti-spam, file sharing, groupware, VPN, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, multi-WAN, and more. You can think of it as a next generation small business server. Through the intuitive Web-based management console, an administrator can configure the server software along with integrated cloud-based services.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2013 Mutabor

Pop 37.71
Vit 2.86

Mutabor is a program that allows you to perform and compose microtonal music using a normal MIDI keybord and normal MIDI equipment. Its powerful description language is intended to allow permanent retunings and complex tuning logic. One application is just tuning. Mutabor has been used for this purpose to make available all pitches that can be reached by stacking perfect thirds and perfect fifths. The stable version 3.0x is available in German only and runs under Windows and Wine. The unstable branch can be accessed via CVS (but build bugs should be expected) or downloaded from the Berlios developer site.

No download Website Updated 03 Jul 2009 minimac

Pop 65.35
Vit 3.66

Minimac is a minimalist, general purpose text macro processor. Its simplicity should make it particularly well suited as a front end preprocessor for little language compilers. It is meant to be simpler to use than m4. It uses an explicit argument stack, and user functions are defined by concatenation (similar to the Forth language). Macro expansion is delayed to the last possible moment. The software is currently in alpha release.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2009 Apache Mailet API

Pop 17.83
Vit 1.00

The Apache Mailet API is a Java API which allows the rapid development and flexible deployment of email processing functionality. A mailet is a mail processing component. Though there are some differences, a servlet as a HTTP processing component is a useful analogy.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2009 Montezuma

Pop 32.43
Vit 1.77

Montezuma is a full-text indexing/search engine library for Common Lisp. It started as a straight-forward port of Ruby's Ferret and currently approaches Lucene in performance.

Download Website Updated 23 May 2009 vchkuser

Pop 21.63
Vit 1.79

vchkuser is a qmail-spp plugin which checks for recipient existence with vpopmail. It is based on a script by Werner Maier but has been rewritten in C to get rid of all the suid hacks and to enhance performance.

No download Website Updated 22 Jan 2009 GLD-Fork

Pop 25.22
Vit 1.00

GLD-fork is a fork of the GLD program by Salim Gasmi. The fork has been made because the original project has been dead for many years, and some new featured were needed. GLD-fork, as with the original GLD, adds greylisting functionality to the Postfix mail server. Greylisting is a fairly resource friendly anti-spam technique. GLD-fork can easily be combined with other (more resource consuming) tools to build anti-spam protection.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2008 python-managesieve

Pop 31.38
Vit 1.00

python-managesieve is a ManageSieve client library for remotely managing Sieve scripts, including a user application (the interactive 'sieveshell'). Sieve scripts allow users to filter incoming email on the mail server. The ManageSieve protocol allows managing Sieve scripts on a remote mail server. These servers are commonly sealed so that users cannot log into them, yet users must be able to update their scripts on them.This module allows accessing a Sieve server for managing Sieve scripts. It is accompanied by a simple yet functional user application, 'sieveshell'.


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