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Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2003 vncrypt

Pop 30.20
Vit 2.35

This is cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD. It provides transparent encryption and decryption of selected devices. It is based on vn(4).

Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2003 RawWrite for Windows

Pop 176.68
Vit 1.50

RawWrite for Windows is a replacement for the DOS-based rawrite, or rawwrite program (the DOS version does not work well under Win95, and does not work at all from NT). This version is designed to work under NT/2K/XP, and 95/98/ME. It has a simple GUI, which makes it easier for first time users to create their Linux boot disks.

No download Website Updated 18 Jan 2003 fsdb

Pop 16.73
Vit 1.00

fsdb speeds the creation of slocate's database files by keeping its own database and updating only those parts that need to be updated. It connects to a daemon to receive the updated inodes. In turn, the daemon interfaces with a kernel module which hooks into Linux's dnotify mechanism.

Download Website Updated 07 Jan 2003 auto-autofs

Pop 35.83
Vit 4.19

Auto-autofs is a Perl script which searches block- devices (via /proc) and disk partitions (via fdisk). It works as an automounter program (autofs) and generates an HTML file for easy access to the devices.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2003 newdocms

Pop 32.25
Vit 1.00

newdocms is a document management system that allows users to define any number of document attributes, and then run queries on the database where these are registered.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2002 FDMS-3 Ripper

Pop 20.49
Vit 1.84

FDMS-3 Ripper lets you select audio tracks from an FDMS-3 filesystem and rip them to WAV format on a Linux system. It has been tested using a standard external SCSI hard disk onto which music had been recorded from a Fostex FD-8 multitrack hard disk recorder.

Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2002 Remote Filesync

Pop 31.46
Vit 1.44

RFSync lets you synchronize any file that has some kind of transmission error.

No download Website Updated 04 Nov 2002 find_badblocks

Pop 22.58
Vit 1.00

find_badblocks is a script that finds bad blocks on all locally attached disks on a Linux system. It determines the block size used for each partition and passes this to badblocks so that identified blocks can be correctly be mapped to filesystem blocks and inodes.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2002 arla

Pop 123.60
Vit 5.83

Arla is a free AFS client and server implementation. The main goal is to make a fully functional client with all capabilities of normal AFS. Other implemented things are all the normal management tools and a server.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2002 rtgrep

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.41

rtgrep is a bash script which searches for all files located in the current directory or a given base directory which were created or modified within a given time period. The search can be recursive, and you can specify a pattern to be matched in the file contents.


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PHP MIME Mail decoder class

A PHP class to decode email messages.


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A REST API for performing DNS queries over HTTP.