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No download Website Updated 02 Jan 2005 Linux Explorer

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Linux Explorer is a utility used to collect data about a Linux server for support purposes. This tool gathers as much information as possible about your system and then tars up that information into a single file which can then be sent to a support representative.

No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2005 Bin2Iso

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Bin2Iso is a conversion utility from bin to ISO format.

Download Website Updated 01 Apr 2014 fio

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Vit 57.26

fio is an I/O tool meant to be used both for benchmark and stress/hardware verification. It has support for 19 different types of I/O engines (sync, mmap, libaio, posixaio, SG v3, splice, null, network, syslet, guasi, solarisaio, and more), I/O priorities (for newer Linux kernels), rate I/O, forked or threaded jobs, and much more. It can work on block devices as well as files. fio accepts job descriptions in a simple-to-understand text format. Several example job files are included. fio displays all sorts of I/O performance information, including complete IO latencies and percentiles. Fio is in wide use in many places, for both benchmarking, QA, and verification purposes. It supports Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, OpenSolaris, AIX, HP-UX, Android, and Windows.

No download Website Updated 02 Jul 2005 I(2) Drive

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I(2) Drive is an online storage solution that allows personal and corporate users to manage their important information from anywhere. It provides client and server software for accessing and sharing files through a Web interface and WebDAV clients either as a hosted service or an in-house install.

No download Website Updated 19 Jul 2005 dmerge

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dmerge identifies duplicate files within specified directory trees and merges them into hard links. Duplicate files are identified by hashing, optionally followed by byte comparison.

No download Website Updated 10 Feb 2006 @1 FTP Regulator

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@1 FTP Regulator provides browser-based FTP access with control parameters. You can let your users manage files in a confined environment and with limited control.

No download Website Updated 06 Mar 2006 nbd-http

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NBD-HTTP is a user-space tool that exposes a file read over HTTP as a local block device by using the network block device support in Linux kernels. Reading data from HTTP is done when needed, with read-ahead and connection reuse. One obvious use is to mount ISO images without having to download everything ahead of time.

No download Website Updated 25 Mar 2011 Ultimate Commander

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Ultimate Commander is a two-pane file manager developed with a special focus on usability. It's not feature complete, so it's not intended to be used for production, but user interface- and interaction-wise, it has some good ideas worth exploring.

No download Website Updated 07 May 2006 filesystemscanner

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If you have a filesystem where many different files are stored in unsorted folders, etc., it can be inconvenient to sort them. Filesystemscanner scans certain directories and can move, copy, or link the source files to descriptive names.

Download Website Updated 23 May 2006 pyinotify

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pyinotify is a Python module for watching filesystem events (modifications). By design, it can be used for any kind of monitoring. It relies on a Linux kernel feature (merged in kernel 2.6.13) called inotify.


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A WebDAV framework for PHP.


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A simple annotation-driven command line parser toolkit for Java 5 applications.