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Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2007 File exchange Protocol

Pop 11.05
Vit 48.66

File exchange Protocol can be used to store and retrieve files in a remote repository server using HTTP. It can access a remote server using HTTP requests with authentication to protect the access to the remote files. The class can perform requests to create, write, read, and delete remote files. It can also create, list, and delete directories. It implements a stream wrapper interface to make it possible to access the remote files with PHP functions like fopen('fep://...') and other PHP file and directory manipulation functions. You can also apply a Stream Wrapper that allows you to mount a remote filesystem.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2006 Dump/Restore

Pop 270.39
Vit 8.07

The dump package contains both dump and restore. Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines which ones need to be backed up, and copies those files to a specified disk, tape or other storage medium. The restore command performs the inverse function of dump; it can restore a full backup of a filesystem. Subsequent incremental backups can then be layered on top of the full backup. Single files and directory subtrees may also be restored from full or partial backups.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2002 arla

Pop 119.60
Vit 5.84

Arla is a free AFS client and server implementation. The main goal is to make a fully functional client with all capabilities of normal AFS. Other implemented things are all the normal management tools and a server.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2003 scponly

Pop 148.74
Vit 3.17

scponly is an alternative "shell" of sorts for system administrators who would like to provide access to remote users to both read and write local files without providing any remote execution priviledges. Functionally, it is a wrapper around the ssh suite of applications. It is typically used by creating a user whose shell is set to scponly. This user can neither login interactively nor execute commands remotely, but it can use scp and sftp to download and upload files to the computer, governed by the usual Unix file permissions.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2007 Jaffer

Pop 28.71
Vit 3.12

Jaffer is a Java implementation of an Appletalk File Server over TCP. Jaffer is only concerned with the latest AFP specifications and supporting OS X and OS 9 clients. It is mainly focused on a tight, clean, fast codebase that is very portable and embeddable.

Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2003 vncrypt

Pop 28.88
Vit 2.35

This is cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD. It provides transparent encryption and decryption of selected devices. It is based on vn(4).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 am-utils

Pop 120.66
Vit 2.04

am-utils is the next generation of the popular BSD automounter, amd. It includes many additional updates, ports, programs, features (such as NFS V.3 support, and shared libraries), Autofs, bug fixes, and more.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2004 e2fsimage

Pop 53.96
Vit 2.02

e2fsimage enables the user to create and populate an ext2 filesystem image as a copy from an existing directory tree. It supports regular files, directories, soft links, hard links, and block/char special devices. The ownership of all files is changed to root, by default, while the permissions are kept.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Rio (RAM I/O) for FreeBSD

Pop 10.82
Vit 1.00

Rio (RAM I/O) for FreeBSD is an implementation of the Rio file cache project at Michigan. The basic idea of Rio is to make memory as safe as disk from operating system crashes. Such "reliable main memory" is useful in a variety of contexts, e.g. file systems, transaction systems, or checkpointing.

Download Website Updated 07 Jan 2002 LazySync

Pop 18.22
Vit 1.00

LazySync is a file-synchronization program written for handheld devices using the SavaJeXE Java operating system. It attempts to offer similar functionality to HotSync and ActiveSync of the Palm and CE platforms, and supports synchronization via an existing TCP/IP network connection between handheld and host.


Project Spotlight


A tool for setup and on-demand mounting of encrypted filesystems under Linux.


Project Spotlight


A portal site with dynamic Web pages for hackers.