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Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2010 dbtoy

Pop 79.49
Vit 3.26

DBToy is a FUSE-based filesystem for Linux that lets you browse the contents of a relational database through a set of directories and XML files. Additional formats can be obtained through XSL stylesheets.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2009 Data::Locations

Pop 42.57
Vit 2.90

Data::Locations is a virtual file manager which allows you to write and read data (text and binary) to and from virtual files (think of bubbles). Moreover, this manager allows you to (recursively) define "magic" insertion points in these virtual files (bubbles inside other bubbles) which can be filled in (inflated) later (through a "straw", i.e., the object's reference), at any convenient time and in any order you like. Since this software acts purely in memory, there is no slowing down through costly file input/output (i.e., no temporary files).

Download Website Updated 26 Mar 2002 Parallel File Scanner

Pop 38.78
Vit 1.00

Parallel File Scanner is a multithreaded parallel file scanner that combines the functionality of find, xargs, and fgrep. It has the potential of being faster than find+xargs+fgrep on systems with multiple CPUs, multiple disks, and a good file system that supports parallel operations.

Download Website Updated 30 Sep 2004 Yed

Pop 37.12
Vit 2.83

Yed is a C software library made of modules (objects) that can be instantiated according to the main paradigms of Object Oriented Programming: encapsulation and data hiding. The library contains objects that handle XML files and buffers, FTP connections, filesystem operations, and more.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 Command Line WRAPper

Pop 23.32
Vit 1.00

Command Line WRAPper is a tool that provides an easy way to build and run commands from input lines, avoiding the use of shell script. It is similar to xargs.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2007 MillScript-VFS

Pop 22.69
Vit 1.57

MillScript-VFS is a URI-based virtual filing system for Java. It allows protocol independent access to files and folders with complete platform independence. The intention is to support any protocol and archive supported in Java, with features such as memory and disk-based caching of file content and folder listings. The API can also support artificial filing systems, such as an XML document viewed as a filing system.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2002 rtgrep

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.41

rtgrep is a bash script which searches for all files located in the current directory or a given base directory which were created or modified within a given time period. The search can be recursive, and you can specify a pattern to be matched in the file contents.

No download Website Updated 09 Nov 2005 File::MetaInfo

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.00

File::MetaInfo indexes meta-data and user labels (or tags) extracted from files. There is also a Gtk2-Perl interface to find the files by meta-data and tags.

Download Website Updated 27 Dec 2004 Pawn Project

Pop 12.08
Vit 1.43

The Pawn Project aims to make computing easy for anyone with an easy-to-use desktop environment.


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A Web based computer assisted telephone interviewing system.


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A log file navigator.