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Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2008 SpotLook

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SpotLook is a graphical interface to Mac OS X Leopard's Spotlight desktop search engine. It features tracks, which are timelines showing results according to their date. Tracks can created, edited, and customized, and include a search scope and attributes to search for. Found items can be viewed with Quick Look or revealed in the Finder.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2007 Secure Remote Disk

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Secure Remote Disk allows you to cnnect to remote servers with SSH and the convenience of Mac OS X's Finder. It provides a simple user interface for MacFUSE and sshfs.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2012 UDF Media Reader

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UDF Media Reader reads disks created by packet-writing programs like DirectCD. Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.4.5 mounts UDF+VAT disks using their ISO 9660 information, but a bug causes it to silently truncate the beginning of files which cross packet gaps. UDF Media Reader is a Cocoa program that analyzes a UDF disk, presents its contents as a directory tree, and allows the user to copy all or part of the disk's contents to the host filesystem. It has been tested with CD-Rs created by DirectCD on Windows 9x. It will probably work with CD-Rs created by InCD, and it might work with Sony Mavica CD-Rs.


Project Spotlight

Granite Data Services

An event-driven, cross-framework, application client container.


Project Spotlight


A wireframes, mockup, and prototype tool for desktop, Web, and mobile applications.