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Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2009 HAL/C++

Pop 32.12
Vit 1.42

HAL/C++ is a library using dbusmm to access the HAL daemon. The library is not a wrapper around libhal and libhal-storage, but rather a reimplementation using dbusmm to communicate with the HAL daemon. Even though it is modeled after the official libhal and libhal-storage, it does not aim at complete adherance to the original API. The library is application-oriented, so for now, features that would only be useful to system-level applications or daemons, or HAL addons, are not being implemented. However, some of these features are mostly conveniences in the original libhal, and can be emulated even with the existing API.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2012 File-Find-Object

Pop 29.19
Vit 4.23

File-Find-Object provides Perl programmers with an object-oriented alternative to the core File::Find module for traversing a directory structure, which has some serious interface limitations. As opposed to File::Find, File-Find-Object can be instantiated, can be interrupted in the middle, has an iterative interface, and can also return results as objects.

No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2008 Micro File Browser

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.00

Micro File Browser is a simple file manager tool that lets you browse the complete directory structure of your Web server.

No download Website Updated 23 Jan 2008 Max's File Uploader

Pop 11.14
Vit 1.00

Max's File Uploader is a file uploader script for use in Web pages. Installation and setup is very easy. You only need to upload the relevant files and insert a line of code into your own script.

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2008 libixp

Pop 36.33
Vit 1.52

libixp is an implementation of the 9P distributed file system protocol as a portable C library for POSIX systems with support for threading.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2007 File exchange Protocol

Pop 11.31
Vit 48.71

File exchange Protocol can be used to store and retrieve files in a remote repository server using HTTP. It can access a remote server using HTTP requests with authentication to protect the access to the remote files. The class can perform requests to create, write, read, and delete remote files. It can also create, list, and delete directories. It implements a stream wrapper interface to make it possible to access the remote files with PHP functions like fopen('fep://...') and other PHP file and directory manipulation functions. You can also apply a Stream Wrapper that allows you to mount a remote filesystem.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2013 Einarc

Pop 97.29
Vit 8.79

Einarc is a unified storage RAID command line interface and an API that provides management for various hardware/software RAID devices, uniting them all in a single paradigm. Einarc works as a translator that makes it possible for a user to control all these devices using simple terms like "physical disc", "logical disc", "adapter", etc., while transparently converting these requests to proprietary RAID paradigms.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2007 Hachoir subfile

Pop 35.67
Vit 1.41

Hachoir subfile recovers files from broken disk images. It supports 70 file formats and 135 file extensions, including images, videos, audio, archives, and programs.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2007 PySamba

Pop 18.92
Vit 1.00

PySamba is a Python library that provides a full wrapper for the Samba CLI library provided with samba-3.0.24. It includes a Python module that hides the complexity of the lower layer (SMB), providing high-level commands like Mkdir or DiskAvail. PySamba allows the developer to interface to any samba-capable device much like Python's ftplib does.

No download Website Updated 22 Mar 2009 JIIC

Pop 41.50
Vit 1.66

JIIC is a streaming-based Java implementation of ISO 9660 for creating CD-ROM filesystem images ("ISO images") with the extensions El Torito, Joliet, and Rock Ridge. It is based on the SABRE streaming API, and provides an Ant task for easy integration into Java-based build processes.


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A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


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A full featured file system for Amazon S3 and other online storage services.