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No download No website Updated 24 Mar 2011 Radierl

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Vit 33.46

The radierl project implements the RADIUS protocol, as decribed in RFC2865 and RFC2866, as a stack application in Erlang/OTP. It includes test suites, documentation, and an example application that implements basic athentication and accounting servers using mnesia and disk_log respectively.

No download No website Updated 29 Apr 2013 erlagi

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erlagi is an AGI (asterisk gateway interface) client implementation for Erlang.

Download No website Updated 24 Jan 2013 Ybot

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Ybot is erlang bot software inspired by Github hubot. It supports IRC and XMPP transports and is extensible with plugins. Plugins can be written with Python, Ruby, or shell. It supports IRC chat, XMPP multi user chat, and 37 signals Campfire chat. It can simultaneously run any number of bots on different transports.


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Griffon IDE

An IDE for HTML, Bash, Perl, PHP, C, etc.


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