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Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2010 OpenPref

Pop 17.23
Vit 36.29

OpenPref is an implementation of Preferans, a European trick-taking game against two virtual players. Currently it allows you to play the Sochi version of Preferans, allowing you to change some game conventions. Two alternative AIs are available.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2013 toycars

Pop 48.04
Vit 3.42

toycars is a fighting race car game. Players select human or computer toys, select the track and toy to race, push toys off the screen or smash them to win a point, and try to earn enough points to win the race. toycars supports up to four human players and eight total players.

Download No website Updated 13 Jan 2014 pyRetro

Pop 53.14
Vit 1.97

pyRetro is a MAME frontend written in pygame. It is easy to use and features nearly automatic configuration. It is designed to be used in an arcade machine cabinet.


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A program to generate Morse code sound files from text.


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A Java localization library.