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Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2007 SBackup

Pop 77.33
Vit 3.56

SBackup is a simple backup solution intended for desktop use. It can back up any subset of files and directories. Exclusions can be defined by regular expressions. A maximum individual file size limit can be defined. Backups may be saved to any local and remote directories that are supported by gnome-vfs.

No download Website Updated 19 Jul 2005 dmerge

Pop 22.98
Vit 56.51

dmerge identifies duplicate files within specified directory trees and merges them into hard links. Duplicate files are identified by hashing, optionally followed by byte comparison.

No download Website Updated 02 Nov 2011 ISPConfig

Pop 272.61
Vit 14.01

ISPConfig is an ISP management and hosting control panel. It manages your Web server, email server, BIND DNS, proftpd + vsftpd FTP server, MySQL databases, SpamAssassin, and disk quotas with an easy to use Web interface for administrators, resellers, and clients.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2010 open PC server integration

Pop 97.32
Vit 3.86

opsi (open PC server integration) is a client management software program for Windows clients based on Linux servers. Its core features are automatic software deployment, automatic OS installation, and hardware and software inventory.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2006 GNU Hosting Helper

Pop 111.93
Vit 5.27

GNU Hosting Helper is a Web-based Web hosting management system that provides an administration system, a client interface system, an online signup system, integration with OpenSRS for real time domain registrations, and integration with for real time credit card transactions.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2005 multihomed high availability

Pop 42.28
Vit 1.00

multihomed is a script that can detect when your primary Internet uplink goes down and switch to a backup uplink. It's smarter than many similar scripts: it continuously pings several hosts around the Internet using both uplinks, and elects the best one as primary. You can define the priority with which uplinks are tried. This can be very useful if you have a per-traffic contract on one of your uplinks and a flat-traffic contract on another one: you can configure multihomed to use the per-traffic uplink only if the other one is not working. It runs as a daemon, and you can define the interval between consecutive checks. It can detect failures in your ISP's uplinks too; by checking multiple remote hosts around the Internet, you can tell if your ISP is fully working or not. This is much more reliable than simply pinging a single server or (worse) your default router. It is very flexible: you can easily customize the commands to execute whenever one of the links goes down.

Download No website Updated 26 Dec 2009 Vsftpd Webmin module

Pop 55.53
Vit 2.51

Vsftpd Webmin module is a Webmin module that configures the vsftpd.conf file from your vsftpd FTP server. An experimental MySQL backend for virtual user management is available.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2005 TinyDNS Web Manager

Pop 47.91
Vit 1.75

TinyDNS Web Manager is a PHP-based script to manage up to two TinyDNS servers. It supports importing an existing TinyDNS config. All settings are stored in a MySQL database.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2005 Net_Info

Pop 16.06
Vit 57.70

NetInfo is intended to be multifunctional and universal software for network control, enabling the flexible change of network settings, services, individual network parts, computers, and special equipment.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2014 GLPI

Pop 909.79
Vit 78.04

GLPI (Gestion Libre de Parc Informatique) is an information resource manager with an administration interface. You can use it to build a database with an inventory for your company (computers, software, printers, etc.). It has functions to make the daily life of the administrators easier, including a job/request tracking system with mail notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network topology. It provides a precise inventory of all the technical resources (all their characteristics are stored in a database) and management and history of the maintenance actions and the bound procedures. It is dynamic and is directly connected to the users, who can post requests to the technicians.


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A library for making high-quality scientific graphics.


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A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.