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Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2004 Math Expression String Parser

Pop 18.28
Vit 59.33

MESP is a parser for mathematical expressions. Expressions may contain variables, functions, and constants. The parser turns a string argument into an expression tree, which then can be evaluated.

No download Website Updated 04 Aug 2008 CCux Linux

Pop 39.70
Vit 3.39

CCux Linux is a Linux distribution especially optimized for i686 and higher processor architectures. For package management it uses the RPM format in connection with the smart tools, which give it automatic dependency resolving when installing new software and therefore makes the installation of new software much easier.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2005 Gravetat

Pop 44.23
Vit 3.51

Gravetat is a gravity and electromagnetism simulator. It offers users the ability to create a universe with a few particles and then see how they interact due to the forces mentioned before. It uses its own 3D rendering engine (released under the branch 'libPunts').

No download Website Updated 15 Mar 2005 phpForms

Pop 69.33
Vit 2.70

PhpForms is an advanced Web form builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text boxes, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms, quizzes and tests, feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, email notifications, evaluation forms, order forms, and more.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2008 Legal Case Management System

Pop 120.56
Vit 5.85

The legal case management system is a Web application aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centers. It supports recording case information and its follow-ups, which can then be used to generate reports.

No download Website Updated 17 Aug 2007 MySQL Squid Access Report

Pop 71.24
Vit 3.75

MySQL Squid Access Report, "mysar" for short, is a system for near-realtime monitor of user Web activity, using Squid's log file.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 NetEye

Pop 11.31
Vit 59.27

NetEye is a network monitoring and accounting system based on Linux.

Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2005 Linux Test For X

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.80

LTFX (Linux Test For X) is a "script"-based X11 GUI automation tool. Its primary purpose is to help assist with creating automated tests in the X environment by driving the X interface.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2005 IMAPEngine

Pop 28.50
Vit 1.75

IMAPEngine is an IMAP server that uses a tdbengine database structure to store all accounts, messages, and mailboxes. This means it has nearly no limits in numbers, sizes, and performance, and it uses indexes to sort/find its data. IMAPEngine is IMAP4Rev1 compatible and also has built-in support for the ACL, ID, IDLE, and UIDPLUS extensions. It is not (yet) an MTA, but it retrieves incoming messages from different POP3 servers. An simple integrated Web interface makes account configuration easy.

No download Website Updated 04 Nov 2004 Another Modeline Calculator

Pop 26.46
Vit 1.00

Another Modeline Calculator is a modeline generator for X servers. Its operation is mostly automated. Normal, double scan, and interlace modes are generated as required. Custom resolutions are supported.


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