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Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2012 vsfplot

Pop 19.21
Vit 28.08

vsfplot is a 2D vector and scalar field plotter. It features Line Integral Convolution (LIC) on data, curvilinear scaled arrows following the flow lines, a mixed mode (scalar field map with overlaid vector field), handling of missing data to not interfere with the flow lines, generation of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files (which are easily editable and convertible while preserving the best quality for inclusion in a PDF scientific article), and a color palette designed so the flows are uniformly readable when printed as greyscale.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2009 vsftpd-deny

Pop 20.78
Vit 1.00

vsftpd-deny is a simple Python script to search through a vsftpd log, searching for connection attempts (such as FAIL LOGIN and possible attack). When a client goes over the defined threshold, it's added to hosts.deny.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2010 w2do

Pop 50.68
Vit 2.91

w2do is a simple-to-use, yet efficient commandline todo manager. It can export to HTML 4.01 Strict and plain text.

Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2011 wadWiki

Pop 26.78
Vit 2.07

wadWiki is a extremely light and simple Wiki engine that anyone can modify. It aims to be a fast scratchpad for arranging ideas without frills and complications. Major releases are supported for more than three years, so server requirements don't get suddenly bumped. Since it is written using only procedural functions, anyone with basic programming skills can adapt it to new requirements. The extension API is stable. There is official hosting for third-party extensions. Because collecting knowledge is not the goal of this project, if you want a full-featured wiki engine, you may wish to choose another software like MediaWiki.

Download Website Updated 18 Sep 2008 wanha

Pop 18.49
Vit 1.98

wanha is a combination of an IRC bot to watch a channel for URLs and a Web interface to display the URLs that the bot finds. The bot will also warmly keep the conversation going, discreetly discouraging people from pasting already pasted URLs again. The Web interface can be used to track what URLs have already been pasted and by whom.

No download No website Updated 11 Jul 2010 watnu

Pop 15.43
Vit 37.90

"Wat nu" (Low German for "what now") is a command-line tool for GTD ("getting things done"). It is simplistic, tailored to the author's personal taste, and a work in progress.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2003 wavetomid

Pop 27.02
Vit 1.00

wavetomid is a monophonic audio to MIDI converter. It currently only accepts WAVE files.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2006 wavextract

Pop 16.49
Vit 1.00

wavextract is a program for extracting embedded audio data from JPEG images. It is useful if you have a digital camera that can record audio notes and embed them in photos (e.g. HP, Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, etc.)

Download Website Updated 20 May 2013 wavsilence

Pop 14.56
Vit 19.86

wavsilence takes a large WAV file with gaps of silence and creates smaller WAV files, containing the data between the gaps.

Download Website Updated 15 Jul 2013 wayland

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Vit 1.89

Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its clients, as well as a C library implementation of that protocol. The compositor can be a standalone display server running on Linux kernel modesetting and evdev input devices, an X application, or a wayland client itself. The clients can be traditional applications, X servers (rootless or fullscreen), or other display servers.


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Wing IDE

An IDE for Python.


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ksh, nmake, and portable Unix libraries