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No download Website Updated 26 Aug 2010 Web-Analiser PRO

Pop 84.29
Vit 10.24

Web-Analiser is a script to gather and analyze statistics of Website traffic. It provides the whole gamut of every possible statistics and reports, which analyze visitors, pages, and Website traffic. It is designed to operate both one and several domains (Websites) at once. The statistics are maintained, in which each Website dealt with separately and together. It includes a great number of statistical reports, making it possible to have a complete idea of your audience.

No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2004 EZRO

Pop 34.57
Vit 61.15

EZ Reusable Objects (EZRO) is a Web application that can be used by non-technical staff to manage content as "objects." Content objects containing text, video, and audio can be shared, modified, and re-styled to appear via a traditional Web site, an on-line course, an innovative "Coach," or as a community of interest site. It is highly scalable and can be used for public Web sites, secure environments, and private intra/extranets.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2004 lzCounter

Pop 28.46
Vit 1.42

lzCounter is an simple and easy-to-install Website counter. It features statistics for total visitors, total hits, today's visitors, yesterday's visitors, users online, most users online, browsers, operating systems, and user agents.

Download Website Updated 30 Nov 2010 TpgT

Pop 46.67
Vit 3.40

TpgT is a multi-language, ncurses-based typing trainer.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2004 Yawda

Pop 70.23
Vit 4.61

Yawda is an MVC Web development application framework based on Struts. With it, you can easily output HTML, SVG, PNG, JPEG, PDF, RTF, XML, JS, CSS (and any text file) with data from several sources. It uses cayenne ORM (or another tool like jaxor, hibernates, or jdbc) and rhinoJS or Java for the model, Struts for the controller, and Velocity/iText/Batik for the view component.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2005 SADMS

Pop 94.23
Vit 1.89

SADMS (Samba as Active Directory Member Server/Station) makes it easy to add a Linux host to an Active Directory Domain. As a domain member, the Linux host can then offer resources (shares) to the domain hosts and offload authentication to the domain (making it unnecessary to have local user accounts). SADMS takes care of changing configuration files to achieve this.

Download No website Updated 14 Mar 2004 Business Card Web Builder

Pop 29.60
Vit 1.00

Business Card Web Builder is a WYSIWYG content management system for visit cards, personal sites, promo sites, VIP sites, and other small Web projects. It does not require a database. It uses XML/XSLT and as a result, data can be presented in any format, including vector-graphical representations in SVG and Macromedia Flash.

No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2011 Streamline

Pop 82.61
Vit 8.87

Streamline is a pipelined I/O subsystem for both kernel and application processing on Linux, with 40+ filters for pattern matching, stream reassembly, compression, etc. It exports the pipes, sockets, and pcap interfaces and uses shared memory to reduce I/O copy and context switch cost. Logical uses are rapid application development of intrusion detection systems and similar complex network processing tasks.

No download Website Updated 28 Oct 2009 TinyMCE

Pop 619.82
Vit 12.18

TinyMCE is a platform-independent, Web-based, Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control. Its main features include theme/template support, language support, and plugin extensions.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2005 ivata groupware

Pop 45.69
Vit 2.66

ivata groupware is a groupware/intranet portal system based around J2EE standards. It provides an enterprise-ready solution. It is a great tool to enable teams to find contacts in team and private address books, to share documents, to post articles and notes, to comment on articles, to receive notifications via email, to plan meetings and other events in the calendar, and to access email via the Web.


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Task Coach

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A flexible I/O tester/benchmarker.