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Download No website Updated 10 May 2004 PDFTrans

Pop 29.50
Vit 1.00

PDFTrans is a small front-end to the iText PDF library. It's a simple utility that allows you to add metadata, protect, and encrypt PDF files.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2009 TFTgallery

Pop 116.22
Vit 4.05

TFTgallery is a media gallery to show images, videos and audios on your Web site. The main features are: on-the-fly thumbnail creation; PDF, ZIP, and calendar creation; EXIF support with GPS position; media file selection; customization with CSS files; and album themes.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 Electronic Engineering Tool

Pop 64.44
Vit 2.29

Electronic Engineering Tool is a Web-based tool that includes an electronic formula calculator and converter functions. It very useful when working with electronics, both for engineers and amateurs. For example, it includes converters for dBm-to-Watt and Fahrenheit-to-Celsius, and it can calculate Ohm's law, filters, thermal resistant C/W, SWR, coil inductance, capacitor capacity, and more.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2004 Software Engineering Environment

Pop 61.97
Vit 2.74

Software Engineering Environment (SEE) provides an information manufacturing platform for software development. It makes information sharing very convenient by allowing all information to be customized dynamically and letting users modify or add their own information structures at any time. It provides various predefined selections for information attributes that correspond to information manufacturing patterns. Although designed for software development, it could be used for managing any information, including book registries, personnel lists, and financial reports.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2004 Morf

Pop 19.29
Vit 1.43

Morf is an encoding tool that supports many formats, including URL, HTTP, Base64, HEX, MD5, SHA1, and UTF-7.

    No download Website Updated 14 May 2004 Secret Squirrel

    Pop 24.62
    Vit 1.42

    Secret Squirrel is a basic password management application written in Java. It uses Blowfish and SHA-384, performs password generation using the Java secure random object (fully configurable), and supports password groups.

    Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2010 PHP Exif Library

    Pop 100.17
    Vit 3.68

    The PHP Exif Library (PEL) provides an easy-to-use library written in pure PHP that makes it possible to read and write the Exif headers commenly found in JPEG and TIFF photos taken with digital cameras. It runs on any platform that supports PHP5.

    Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2009 Bygfoot Football Manager

    Pop 83.75
    Vit 8.54

    Bygfoot is a small and simple graphical football (a.k.a. soccer) manager game featuring many international leagues and cups. You manage a team from one such league: you form the team, buy and sell players, get promoted or relegated, and of course try to be successful.

    Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2006 Visitors Web Log Analyzer

    Pop 99.47
    Vit 3.70

    Visitors is a very fast Web log analyzer. It can process up to 150,000 lines/second of logs on a modern PC, outputs statistics in plain-text or HTML, and generates a number of Google-specific reports and graphviz graphs of visitors' common paths. It does not require any kind of configuration, nor does it need to be told the exact format of the Web log file to process.

    Download Website Updated 06 May 2004 RPitch

    Pop 25.92
    Vit 1.00

    RPitch is a GUI application that helps users develop a sense of relative audio pitch, which is the ability to recognize and name the distance between two musical notes simply by hearing them. It uses the Java MIDI API to synthesize notes from a wide variety of instruments.


    Project Spotlight


    A daemon for the GM7 GPS Tracker.


    Project Spotlight


    A photo editing and collection management application.