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Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2009 Klutz

Pop 33.65
Vit 1.98

Klutz is an application for viewing comic strips. It lets you view comics by date or by comic strip.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2004 Sakreble!

Pop 29.09
Vit 2.47

Sakreble! is a word game based loosely on Scrabble. It is designed to be configurable to support different game boards, types of letters (for internationalization, point values, two-letter-glues, etc.), and rules.

No download Website Updated 11 May 2004 FOBS

Pop 21.10
Vit 1.00

FOBS (Ffmpeg OBjectS) is a C++/Java wrapper over the ffmpeg library. It provides an easy-to- use API and a JMF PlugIn for integrating support for ffmpeg format/codecs into all JMF applications.

No download Website Updated 11 May 2004 Midas

Pop 27.00
Vit 60.23

Midas is the Horde module for serving and managing ads and banners. It can be used standalone or integrated into other Horde applications.

Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2007 Jeta

Pop 36.28
Vit 2.03

Jeta is a Horde wrapper around various Java SSH applets. Currently, it supports the SSHTerm applet from the SSHTools Project and the JTA applet (for non-commercial use only).

No download Website Updated 11 May 2004 Giapeto

Pop 36.29
Vit 60.23

Giapeto is the Horde module for generating a dynamic Web site that is updatable by any number of users from a Web browser. It supports multiple levels of user permissions, the selection of templates that propagate to subpages, and linking to other Horde applications to seamlessly embed their content (such as the Jonah news/weather/stocks application, or user-created forms from Ulaform).

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2006 Pigalle

Pop 34.63
Vit 2.45

Pigalle (PIcture GALLEry) is a slick Web based photo album written in PHP 5. It makes it easy to create and maintain photo albums via an intuitive interface, as users need only upload their files to a server and let the program generate thumbnails for them. Visitors can choose their preferred image resolution and images will be generated on the fly. These generated images are cached and all meta-information such as album descriptions, image information, and user settings are stored in a database. A back-end administration interface helps to manage the files, edit the descriptions, and so on, making it very easy and convenient.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2006 YaBook

Pop 23.75
Vit 2.19

YaBook is a powerful PHP 5 guestbook that features easy installation and customization, multi-language support, an administration interface, moderation of new submissions, and URL obfuscation. Various database systems are supported. The script auto-detects a new installation and performs incremental upgrades if required.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2004 Amphibian

Pop 21.21
Vit 2.06

Amphibian is a free distributed components- oriented framework that was created to develop multiplatform game engines with high source code reusability. It can be used to create different game engines for personal computers, handhelds, and cellular phones.

Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2005 Dolda Webmail

Pop 80.80
Vit 3.21

Dolda Webmail (or d-mail for short) is a Webmail system written in PHP and interfacing with a back-end IMAP server. Advantages over most other projects of a similar sort are that it uses a persistant connection to the IMAP server (which increases performance on the Web server, reduces load on the network and on the IMAP server, and doesn't force the Web server to store the user's password in-core), and that it makes full use of XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.


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