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Download Website Updated 07 Aug 2004 PHPCast: A PHP mp3 streamer

Pop 48.19
Vit 1.00

PHPCast is a PHP script that "emulates" a stream server for MP3 files, like Shoutcast, but directly from the Web server. It reads MP3 files from a data directory and interprets ID3 tags correctly.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2005 Musmap

Pop 32.73
Vit 1.03

Musmap is a Web interface to the UMN mapserver. It provides user and profiles management, advanced queries and selections, automatic decodification of columns with joins, easy-to-use configuration (colors, etc.), and more.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2004 PHP Web Toolkit

Pop 51.44
Vit 2.03

The PHP Web Toolkit enables the rapid development of multi-layered Web applications and is designed to be easy to use, extensible, reliable, reusable, scalable, and secure. It integrates with ADOdb, FCKeditor, kses, Libmcrypt, Libmhash, and Smarty.

Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2004 JDBC Tester

Pop 28.37
Vit 60.01

JDBC Tester is a software that allows you to prove JDBC connections and SQL statements. The central idea is to have software that is used for the design of statements and learning SQL with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2004 QTPov Editor

Pop 38.78
Vit 1.77

QTPov Editor is a Povray SDL editor. It features syntax coloration, bracket highlighting (including), automatic and manual tabulation system, a completion system (with both keywords and declarations/macros), declarations and macros listings, included files parsing (to get declarations and macros), a .ini editor, a .ini profile assistant, and scene rendering via .ini files. It also includes QTPE Scene Packager, a tool designed to retrive any file used in Povray scene, starting from a .ini or a .pov file. It creates a copy of the scene and replaces all file inclusions so that the scene can be rendered on an other system without having to worry about libraries or fonts.

No download Website Updated 03 Aug 2004 Bdisc

Pop 10.68
Vit 1.00

Bdisc is a Web-based software suite to organize music collections, with major features including data about track length, general information, and much more.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2012 PhpGedView

Pop 99.25
Vit 2.26

PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the Internet in formats and charts. It is designed to be a tool for online collaboration. All it requires to run is a PHP-enabled Web server and a Gedcom file.

Download Website Updated 09 Mar 2006 Band Saw

Pop 42.34
Vit 1.89

Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNOME. It allows the user to define filters that specify which log messages should be drawn to the user's attention. Combined with syslog's remote logging functionality it provides an effective, scalable, and easily deployed monitoring solution.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2014 WackoWiki

Pop 143.78
Vit 23.49

WackoWiki is a small, lightweight, handy, expandable Wiki clone. Its main advantages are a visual (WYSIWYG) editor, an easy installer, full Russian support, many localizations, email notification on changes/comments, several cache levels, design themes (skins) support, XHTML compliance, page rights (ACLs), and page comments.

No download Website Updated 25 Oct 2012 Smuxi

Pop 68.99
Vit 8.50

Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly, and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users. Smuxi is based on the client-server model: The core application (engine) can be placed onto a server which is connected to the Internet around-the-clock; one or more frontends then connect to the core. This allows the connection to IRC to be kept up even when all frontends have been closed. The combination of screen and irssi served as the example for this architecture. Smuxi also supports the regular single application mode. This behaves like a typical IRC client; it doesn't need separate core management and utilizes a local engine that is used by the local frontend client.


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Task Coach

A friendly task manager.


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A flexible I/O tester/benchmarker.