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Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2008 Lycanobot

Pop 15.36
Vit 47.34

Lycanobot is an IRC bot used to play the game, "The Werewolves of Thiercelieux" (Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux), which is quite like Mafia, the traditional Russian party game. It aims to do everything a game master has to, including distributing cards, asking things in private, announcing kills, etc.

Download Website Updated 08 May 2009 trojuhelnik

Pop 19.13
Vit 47.34

trojuhelnik is a general solver for triangles. It computes all possible solutions for a triangle that is specified by an arbitrary triple of the following elements: sides, angles, altitudes, medians, angle bisectors, area, radius of circumscribed and inscribed circle, sum a+b, perimeter and difference of the angles. All other elements, triangle visualization, and graphs of elements dependencies are also available.

Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2009 The Cell Messaging Layer

Pop 38.39
Vit 4.01

The Cell Messaging Layer is a communication library for clusters of Cell Broadband Engine processors. It implements a subset of the popular MPI message-passing API on the Cell's SPE processors, with one MPI rank per SPE across any number of Cells and the ability for any SPE to communicate directly with any other SPE, even across a network. The Cell Messaging Layer thereby makes programming clusters of Cell processors similar to programming clusters of conventional CPUs.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2010 Calypso

Pop 46.26
Vit 2.49

Calypso is a file sharing client using the anonymous network MUTE.

No download Website Updated 13 May 2008 SQL ORM

Pop 16.25
Vit 1.76

SQL ORM focuses on mediating database interaction rather than shielding the user from it. It takes the best parts from iBatis, Toplink, Spring JDBC, etc. and consists of four independent modules that can be used in isolation, in combination with each other, or in combination with other frameworks - even ORM frameworks!

No download Website Updated 29 Feb 2008 TheirView

Pop 12.00
Vit 47.31

TheirView is a transforming proxy that shows how users see your Web site.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2008 Simple Base Java Edition

Pop 19.21
Vit 47.30

Simple Base Java Edition is a simple-to-use, OS-independent catalog for discs, records, and other multimedia. It has a nice and clear GUI.

No download Website Updated 23 Apr 2008 InfoCrawler

Pop 16.85
Vit 1.43

InfoCrawler allows you to crawl and index various types of documents, accessing data from various resources: Intranets, public Web sites, and local or remote file systems.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2009 Maarch

Pop 59.87
Vit 3.29

Maarch is a DMS infrastructure dedicated to the legal archiving of high volumes of static documents. Unlike most DMS tools, it's a toolbox approach that allows one to build highly integrated custom applications. As a proof of concept, Maarch comes with two business applications: Maarch LetterBox for mail management and Maarch PeopleBox for HR document management.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2008 Python Tracer

Pop 32.73
Vit 1.00

Python Tracer lets you see your Python program's execution as a tree of function invocations, each tree node exposing the real time and CPU time (user/sys) of that call. The project consists of two main components: a Python tracer that can run your Python programs (much like "cProfile" and friends), and a GTK+ based GUI that can show the trace results. It uses a tiny auxiliary library (graphfile) to allow append-only writing and reading static DAGs directly from a file without reading it whole into memory at any stage.


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A utility that converts an ICC profile from v2 to v4.


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A Hibernate session and transaction manager.