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No download Website Updated 28 Jul 2005 CSVFile

Pop 11.58
Vit 56.43

CSVFile is a simple set of Java classes used to handle CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files. The CSVFileReader class has a readFields() method that splits a line of the file into separate String fields. The text qualifier and the field separator are customizable.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2007 Gardénia

Pop 15.23
Vit 1.94

Gardenia is entry level and simple to use J2EE Web-based ERP/CRM/business management software, developed for Portuguese SMEs, with Portuguese and English translations. It manages information about customers, contacts, products, stocks, orders, invoices, credit/debit notes, and payments.

Download No website Updated 07 Mar 2005 RedPOS

Pop 58.65
Vit 1.76

RedPOS is a simple and rock solid point of sale (POS) application. The POS is based on the JBoss MicroKernel, has a flexible graphical interface, and can easily be connected to different backoffice/ERP systems. Its functionality can be extended during runtime.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2005 TTraq

Pop 52.46
Vit 2.26

TTraq is a time tracking (timesheet) system that helps consultants, employees, freelancers, or service providers of any kind who work in a project oriented environment. It is a sophisticated Web application based upon the Struts framework by the Apache Group. It is easy to set up and very quickly accessible. The data is managed via the Hibernate persistence framework. It should run on any J2EE compliant container. All data can be exported to CSV, HTML, or Excel. A backing store (database) is included in the distribution.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2004 obliquid

Pop 261.42
Vit 2.69

Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building groupware Web portals. It provides Lego bricks that may be composed to build an Internet application. It has multilingual support and themes. Modules include user management, calendar, news, CMS, and messaging.


Project Spotlight


A relational and transaction-based database system.


Project Spotlight


A program to create maps for Garmin devices from OpenStreetMap data.