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Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2009 phc

Pop 51.58
Vit 5.12

phc is a compiler for PHP with support for plugins. Programmers can use it to compile PHP source into an executable program, compile a Web application into a Zend PHP extension, pretty-print PHP code, or combine many PHP scripts into a single file (experimental). Tool developers can use phc to analyze, modify, or refactor PHP scripts using C++ plugins, or convert PHP into a well-defined XML format, process it with your own tools, and convert it back to PHP.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2006 SIOX4Java

Pop 33.17
Vit 2.54

SIOX4Java (Simple Interactive Object Extraction) is a Java SDK that provides a generic segmentation engine for extracting the foreground from still images with little user interaction. The underlying method (which has also been integrated into GIMP) is noise and motion blur robust and can easily be adapted for the segmentation of objects in videos. The SDK also contains an experimental feature called the "Detail Refinement Brush", which enables the removal of spill colors and manual refinement of highly detailed textures.

No download Website Updated 22 Jun 2007 ConceptDraw Mindmap Professional

Pop 27.20
Vit 1.93

ConceptDraw Mindmap Professional is a tool that provides a unique combination of brainstorming and mind-mapping modes that enables individual users, professionals, and teams to easily capture ideas and sort, structure, and present various information as clear visual maps.

Download No website Updated 21 Nov 2005 j2Bin

Pop 24.58
Vit 1.00

j2Bin is an application that helps Java developers distribute their Java programs (.jar's) as Linux executables, making the programs easy to run and use for the end user. The jar file can be either included in or excluded from the generated executable. The minimum and maximum required versions of Java may be indicated.

No download Website Updated 12 Jul 2006 Limph

Pop 27.35
Vit 3.62

Limph (Limph Is Monitoring Pingable Hosts) provides both UPD and TCP port checks of grouped network hosts with email notification. Limph is completely configurable through its Web interface.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2007 Danger from the Deep

Pop 75.50
Vit 2.23

Danger from the deep (aka dangerdeep) is a WW2 German submarine simulation. It should be portable to operating systems or platforms that use SDL/OpenGL. This game is planned as a tactical simulation, and will be as realistic as time and knowledge of physics allows.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2009 appctl

Pop 80.35
Vit 6.09

Appctl is a framework for virtually any server software. It provides a central script called "ctl" which allows you to start, stop, restart, maintain, or query the current status of an application. It is meant as a completely generic replacement for application-specific startup/stop scripts. The project also supplies generic monitoring scripts for clusters, which can dramatically decrease clustering costs.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2007 MeD's Movie Manager

Pop 33.94
Vit 3.37

MeD's Movie Manager is an easy-to-use and customizable movie manager. It gets information about movies from IMDb and information about TV episodes from

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2009 Rubygame

Pop 31.42
Vit 2.57

Rubygame is a cross-platform game and multimedia library for the Ruby programming language. It provides flexible high-level Ruby classes on top of SDL to make game programming fast and enjoyable.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2005 FDD Tools

Pop 33.15
Vit 1.00

FDDTools is a multi-platform application developed in Java that supports the Feature Driven Development (FDD) project management methodology. The current version can be used to create/edit/display/print FDD-style progress tracking diagrams as described in the book "Java Modeling In Color With UML".


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Wing IDE

An IDE for Python.


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A microcontroller assembler.